Thursday night raiding

Well Thursday night raiding just didn’t happen last night. Our team is making really good progress, 5 heroic bosses down, but our turnover rate is just horrible for progression. We had our shadow priest decide he was a bit over wow in general and want to go and concentrate on a different game for a bit and our enhance shammy got a job that conflicts with raiding time, something about a rotating roster :(.  That happened just over a week ago and we had been able to pull in other guild members and people who had already had their guild raids for the week but last night’s raid being early in the new lock out meant there just wasn’t any people who could come.

There have been a few suggestions that we should look at a realm change, I’m not sure if those mutters will become more vocal if it happens again. but its a definite let down if you can’t raid just due to lack of people. Anyway last night the raid got called which was really disappointing in a way because we were about to start progression on heroic twin consorts and I really would like to see that fight but a nice break in another way because I just got to faff about levelling the priest and the pally.

They are sitting at 10% off dinging 84 which is really exciting because Twilight Highlands should go really quickly and then into the Jade Forest. I’m playing the pally as a ret with the shadow priest  so it’s going to be a steep learning curve when the pally does hit 90 to learn how to play her as holy. But given how much I like watching our holy pally’s healing it should be really fun. I do love my druid, I love her healing style and her shapeshifting and even the visual effect of her heals but she has no  absorbs at all and pallies are so good with their strong shields and golden healing lights that I would love to try one.

Ahh well hopefully on Monday there will be an abundance of raiders around and we can get cracking on those twins.




4 thoughts on “Thursday night raiding

  1. It’s such a bum without raiders to play with. It has worked well for us, but your server is quite a good one – I’m surprised there is nobody there.

  2. me too 😦 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Monday too. Gah I just looked at wow progress, they are saying horde population is now 0.39%. It was 0.45% when I faction changed. Come back hordies!!!

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