A change is as good as a holiday?

Even when that change involves a PvP realm?  After the issues my raid team has had over the past few weeks finding raiders on our seriously low horde pop realm,  the raid leader was asking the raiders how we would feel about finding a realm with a greater horde presence. While Aman’thul itself has quite a healthy population the amount of horde raiders is seriously low. After a bit of bit of discussion, 2 raiders have yet to be asked so it’s not set in stone, the majority want to try Barthilas, an Oceanic realm.

You can see the difference in the horde/alliance ratio and population in the data from wowprogress;

Realm Population (Horde/Alliance)
Aman’Thul 9,307 (0.38/1)
Barthilas 13,952 (1/0.22)

While a  slightly larger horde server would be nice; atm finding people to form into groups to kill world bosses like Nalakk and Oondasta happens very infrequently and when they do you have a fairly large chance that a bigger alliance group will be there and either pull first or interfere in some way :p.  The issue is Barthilas is a PvP realm and I have no idea of how I feel about that. I like my raid team but I’m going to have to love my raid team to handle being ganked while out and about in the world.

I don’t really know anything about the mechanics of  living, questing and exploring on a PvP realm. Do I have to wear PvP gear all the time? One of my raiding members was trying to convince me that because of the horde/ally ratio I probably wouldn’t see much world pvp but you know in my mind, it doesn’t matter how many more horde there are  if it’s just me out on my own, then its one on one and I’m probably going to be dead faster than you can say prowl.

And the idea of going to a new realm without my stable of alts preparing supplies for the druid’s professions is disconcerting to say the least. But I’m certainly not going to move a number of toons to a realm I’m unsure about. Lol do I play these toons for fun or simply as a support staff for the druid? Demanding druid! I’ll load up the druid with a month’s worth of flasks/potions, gems, enchants and give it a try I guess. I should know in a month if I want to invest in bringing all my favourite slaves  toons over.

So does anyone have any tips for living on a PvP realm? It looks like my raid team is going so I guess I’m going as well as I don’t really want to give up my team without at least trying it. I just hope it won’t really suck.


8 thoughts on “A change is as good as a holiday?

  1. My main used to be on Barthilas!

    Life on a PvP isn’t as scary as it sounds. I recommend getting the add-on Spy. It’s super helpful for knowing who is around you. Hopefully giving you time to flightform from danger or switch to PvP gear 😀

    There is an ally guild ‘When Bored Smash Horde’. I can’t speak for now as I haven’t played there since early MoP (when I leveled my hunter) but they used to travel around in packs killing solo players in Cata.

    Let me know if you ever need a bodyguard. I enjoying killing Barth ally 😀

    • cool, I’ll check out that addon. From looking at the forums, that guild is still around, might be interesting. Ty for the offer I will most definately call on you I’m sure 🙂

  2. There seems to be a few making this decision now – I’m curious … if you knew the next patch was coming out in a couple of weeks time, with the Virtual Realms change in it, would you still move?

    • If there was more information on the virtual realms then that would be an easier decision to make. We considered staying and hoping 5.4 virtual realms would help, but we don’t know what realms will be included so there’s a possibility we could hold out, only to find that 5.4 didn’t make a difference and we would have been struggling the whole time with numbers for nothing.

  3. Just to throw out another suggestion – if people are willing to fork out the cash to change servers, why not stay on Aman’Thul and just faction change? Still going to have some issues with swapping mats etc. between toons, but at least there are ways to do it. Whereas on a new server you won’t have that option at all. *shrug*

    The other thing to keep in mind – and I think this is a really important point – is that virtual servers are coming out in 5.4, so the player base may open up more and this would be less of an issue. From what I understand the intent with the virtual servers is to bring more of a balance in Alliance vs Horde. This might not even be an issue come 5.4. And if it still is, you can still always move.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  4. True, being able to pass stuff to mains is great. I’m not sure why that option wasn’t aired, maybe they want to retain their hordieness?.
    5.4 will bring some really big changes, you’re right and it shouldn’t be too far off. I think from further chats today that a few ppl also mentioned that so any changes might be held off until then. I’ll update when I know more :).

  5. I would wait with a move untill after the patch as there are some server changes coming up. You guys might not need to move if the changes pan out well. Here’s some more info about it: http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/06/12/patch-5-4-ptr-virtual-realms-announced/

    As for being on a PvP server, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I started out on a PvP server and played there for most of vanilla before half of our guild packed up and moved to a PvE server. It’s not that I don’t like PvP, but constantly being PvP flagged gets in the way or raiding, farming and lots of other things. Tthere are however ppl out there who like it so I guess it depends on what you are after when you play. But be sure you like PvP and that you have patience for when things get held up by ganking and such.

    • The 5.4 changes look really interesting, I wish there was a bit more information like will they be impletmented across all realms or just some that are flagged for low pop.
      Hmm I don’t know if I’d have the patience to be interrupted when I was questing, if it was for fun then I’d go play a diff toon if the ganking was constant but if it’s something I need to do then and there, there could be sparks. Who knows maybe i’ll like it 🙂

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