Heroic Firelands, only 1 expansion late

My guild was putting out a call for a 25m heroic Firelands on Sunday night. I ignored guild chat for a bit because I was grinding stone for vanity items but finally curiosity overcame me and I decided to go and have a look.

Firelands is such a pretty raid. I like watching this bridge form.

heroic fl 2

I mostly wanted to see the heroic version for the final phase of the Ragnaros fight, where he grows legs and stomps around the floor. Which was great to see but I didn’t get a screenshot because the fight is so hectic, even at 90 the mechanics can easily kill you so I was concentrating on running around and didn’t end up getting a shot of walking Ragnaros.

heroic fl 3

heroic fl 1

The best part was getting to see a friend I met through blogging. Because our time zones are so far apart we can only physically see each other’s toon inside instances. While I might complain about cross-realm, it is great to be able to group up and see people from different realms. If I could change something it would be to let you see all the people on your real id, not just if they are in a close time-zone to you.


It was a pretty fun night. I got 3 pieces of heroic druid tier which looks really nice, it’s a purple set, but I didn’t get the chest or legs so I’ll tuck the pieces I have away and venture back in there one day in search of the rest.


4 thoughts on “Heroic Firelands, only 1 expansion late

  1. Gratz! I’ve cleared Firelands normal twice now and I really love it – so pretty! Haven’t tried on Heroic – Raggy’s pretty hard on normal as it is.

  2. It really is a pretty raid isn’t it. I know, I really didn’t think he would be anywhere near as hard as he was, its nice though that despite being bigger than the raid it was still a bit of a challenge. Much better than a simple stroll through would have been. Definately try it on heroic if you can, seeing him get up out of the pool of lave was pretty cool πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for asking me to tag along. I’m glad I have a horde toon now to hang out with all you horde bloggers πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ It was good you could come. And heading off to BT with you afterwards with my alliance priest made me realise despite wanting to be all horde, I need to keep some alliance toons or I’ll miss out on playing with my alliance friends.

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