Wrathion, you suck

The RNG gods smiled on me and decided in a lfr run to give me not 1 but 2 Titan Runestones. I was super happy and skipped across the vale to visit Wrathion and pass then on.

Not satisfied with weeks of effort, he wanted even more and sent me back to take Lei-shen’s heart. Luckily a clear last night gave me the heart and I raced back to the dragon kid.  He then sent me to the Temple of the Red Crane for a healing challenge.  And omg did I fail badly. He refused to get out of a pool of red slime and he died despite me shouting at him to get out of the bad. Next attempt I moonfired the aspect of death to try to divert its attention to me and hopefully that idiot baby dragon wouldn’t get stuck in ick; that worked better but no we still both died.

The holy pally from my raid was doing it at the same time and offered helpful tips like, dot up the elementals around the side.. wait what elementals? I’m too busy keeping away from slimes to have even noticed elementals around the side.

I’ll go and try it again in the light of day when hopefully I’m not as crap as last night; maybe I can blame it on being tired or something. Stupid frigging dragon child.


5 thoughts on “Wrathion, you suck

  1. oooh I got my heart last night, too! (for my mage) It was far too late for me to do the scenario thing though. I’m honestly a bit terrified. I’ve heard the dps one is really hard, and I’m…. not very good. hehe But we shall see tonight! I hope your healing goes well. Stupid bloody baby dragon.

  2. lol you are a great dps 🙂 I have to admit after quite a few healing attempts I gave in and slunk off to the Jade Temple to try out the dps one.. yeah bad move.
    I just don’t get it, I think I’m an ok healer, heck I solo healed phase 3 and 4 of Iron Qon last night after our pally had a tornado/lightning storm mishap, but I can’t keep a bloody npc alive in a scenario.. way to kill the ego Wrathion 😦

  3. lol, ty Cinder 🙂 I’ve done a bit of reading and picked up a bunch of tips I didn’t know about, apparently simply trying to approach this as a dedicated healer doesn’t work. I’ll end up doing a healer post on it when I get him down just to have all the healing strats in one place.

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