The Move

Our raid team decided to go ahead with our move to Barthilas; hopefully it might make finding raiders a bit easier. As a pleasant surprise, the guild master decided that even though he doesn’t raid he would come along which means our guild went as well which is really great.  So on Saturday night I logged in to see this guild message.

guild move

So far I can’t get over how busy the realm is. Trade chat is so full; on  Sunday morning  people were advertising for ToT and heroic scenario runs. And the amount of people in shrine… I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but at least there are people around I guess.

crowded shrine

It’s a PvP realm but I’ve hardly seen any Alliance around at all. That will probably change I’m sure and I’m bound to be attacked one day I guess. I did see this lonely alliance member standing at Halfhill market and they seemed to be being left alone.

flagged alliance

We have plenty of people who have applied for the dps spots we’re missing which is really encouraging. Tonights raid was meant to be a continuance from last Thursday but when we got to the Isle a few of us couldn’t zone into the raid. Turns out if we had read the fine print we would have known that when you server transfer you can’t do heroics for the rest of that lockout. We had a quick normal clear instead.

On Twin Consorts the RL sprung on me that he had been doing a bit more research on the heroic version and he thinks I’ll be the best person to be doing the celestial  patterns during the fight; so I got to have a go tonight.  I found this video and had a quick glance at it before we started.

Omg dot to dot under pressure.  I’ve never even looked at that part of the fight before.  I managed to get 3 of the 4 patterns on the second run through but had no idea of when I should be using the different abilities.  I found this fantastic blog with diagrams! Now to practice on the unwitting people of the lfr before next raid.


5 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Ooh it’s good when you move and you see a trade chat full of people wanting to do stuff! I did miss that, and I hope that it will be more lively after 5.4, and that’s great you got some apps already! Wow, that looks complicated, and that freaks me out if I would have to do that one day – but hey we are nowhere near heroic yet!

  2. Yeah it is nice to see stuff being run. I got used to trade chat being empty.
    The dot to dot was a bit tricky, luckily I had my first go on normal bc the poor team had to go without half the buffs lol. I went straght into the lfr and got most of them first go but still I need to know when I have to pop them. I don’t like the sound of the extra mechanic in heroic though, there are lurking adds that will suppoedsly jump on someone coming out of the phased zone. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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