July’s checklist crossed off

At the start of July I set myself a checklist of things I wanted to achieve. So with July drawing to a close today, here’s how I went.

  1. Level the warlock’s engineering to 600 Done
  2. Monk to 90 Done
  3. Horde priest and paladin to 90 Done
  4. Priest and pally into Molton core for the transmog.  Almost Done – Priest has 2 pieces, Paladin has 3
  5. Level the priest’s enchanting and tailoring to 600 Done
  6. Keep the mage questing at the Tournament grounds 1 Pet collected and 45 tokens collected for the next pet once I open the rep.
  7. Level more Worgens to see if I can get a better breed of Gilnean Raven. This  was frustrating, I mulitboxed 2 new worgen dk’s and both received B/B Gilnean Ravens; giving me a total of 3 B/Bs. I’m out of wow accounts to make Worgens on now since you can only ever receive 1 raven per account regardless of whether you sell or delete it.
  8. Have all the 90s at 480ilvl or above Yeah didn’t happen
  9. Get another toon properly raid ready.  I’m thinking at least 515. See Above

What’s on your to-do list for August?


6 thoughts on “July’s checklist crossed off

  1. You did better than I did on my imaginary list. Leveling professions is so painful right now with no low level mats on the AH. I did good on the getting new 90’s LFR iLvl, but the professions were a bit of a mixed bag. My goal for August is probably going to be try and get all 90’s to 480 iLvl. I’m not going to try for the 496 someone said was the next lfr iLvl because I figure when a new raid is released they dramatically increase the rate you can get gear on the previous tier. So it’d be easier to wait for that change to try and get from 480 to 496 instead of running lots of ToT LFR and getting nothing.

  2. I wonder if the ability to mine and herb in Pandaria at low levels is affecting the old world mat rate? I have to start on professions for the pally/monk. I’m going min/bs for the pally and skinning for the monk as I don’t have one and I think despite all my claiming i’d never do it again possibly leatherworking as I don’t have one horde side.
    I’m thinking I’ll definately concentrate on gearing the pally, I do like it so far and our holy pally is playing his monk alt a lot and we were tossing up swapping in our alts for farm bosses every now and again but we need a 510 ilvl before the RL is happy for that happen. So thats a lot of lfr’s in my future lol.

    • Certain professions were already hard before the mine/herb change, and they have only gotten worse since. I said that would happen as soon as they announced the change. IMO it should have only been done after the other profession revamps. Alchemy is probably the worst right now. If I don’t farm the herbs myself I can’t level it, and unfortunately for me it is the one profession I didn’t have till recently and the one I now want the most of (I had the bright idea I should not only level it, but level it on three characters for the specializations). JC seems to be hit or miss. It can be really painful then ok for a while. Enchanting is expensive if you aren’t leveling another crafting profession at the same time, but then it’s not too bad. BS was one of the worst, but it had the minor revamp already so not sure how it is now. I assume it’s better. I didn’t mind LW the last time I did it because it was so easy to drop in at max level to specific places and farm up a ton of leather in short order. I hear it’s pretty bad if you want to do it as you level though. Engineering I haven’t found too bad ( I’ve leveled three engineers recently)

  3. Hmm I couldn’t stand levelling leatherworking, I’ve done it twice now as I dropped it on the druid and took it up on a different toon, I’m not sure why because as you said a max level can get the skins pretty fast but out of all the ones i’ve done it was really the only one that drove me mad. Even levelling a tailor and needing frostweave cloth by the 1000s didn’t feel as bad. I haven’t even tried blacksmithing before, not liking the sound of it already lol 🙂

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