If you’re going to shutdown early

Then I’m going to go play somewhere else, nah take that Blizzard!

Nothing has held my gaming attention as long as WoW. There is so much to do and even  with the amount of alts I have, I can always find something fun and exciting to do.

But I do dabble elsewhere at times. And oh boy do I love to just come and look at Guild Wars 2. I don’t really play (though I do have 1 max level toon), I mostly just stroll around and admire the scenery and graphics.

Sylvari 2Sylvari 1


Traitorous as it might seem, I wish WoW had these graphics. I would love to play an Elf as defined as this.


8 thoughts on “If you’re going to shutdown early

  1. I feel the same, when I come back to GW2 I think oh I should spend more time here, but tbh wow gives me more than enough to do. But it’s nice to dip in and out a bit.

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