Murkimus or bust

When I realised that anyone could join in the arena tournament and for simply doing 50 matches you’d get a Murkimus pet I was really interested. But I don’t pvp much and I didn’t want to approach people on the forums looking for a team as most of the people I saw posting were in other countries and I was nervous about approaching complete strangers when there’s a time difference involved (more a fear of maths than of strangers really) in case I stuffed up the time conversion and wouldn’t  be able to attend or find myself committed to playing at some ungodly hour. So I dithered and wondered and kicked myself for not being more forward and the deadline passed.. or so I thought.

Then I saw a broadcast from a btag friend in the same country as me looking for a third for their pet arena team. I jumped at them and offered up my toon and they really kindly accepted me. And so Pet Plox was born; made up of Luxy,  Grimbeard and  me.

arena team 5

Luxy has done a much cooler photo, go and look at it here.

The actual arenas are really fun and fast. None of us are concerned if we lose as our goal is the pet but we’re not going in there and standing stationary either. Last night was our first time as a team  and so far we’re 13 matches (6 wins) into our 50. Its turning out to be really fun.

The tournament realm is pretty amazing. You’re given a full set of gear for your spec as well as 50k so you can buy more if you want. There are vendors selling all the 496 Tyrannical PvP gear. There are also vendors that give away gems and enchants. Pretty much everything you could ever wish for.

arena team 2 arena team 3

You also get to see all the amazing mounts.

arena team 4

Yay on this realm I can own Invincible. If only I could keep him.

I can’t wait to have my very own Murkimus.

Edited to add: The starting date for the matches that count towards the pet has been pushed back to the 6th August. So there is still time if you’re tossing up making a team.


3 thoughts on “Murkimus or bust

  1. Sounds like a really awesome event to take part in for a pet. If there’s a pet in the reward next time as well I might try to do something like this myself. 🙂

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