Barthilas update

I’ve been on Barthilas for 3 weeks and so  far it’s pretty good. Trade chat is always full of people looking for groups so it makes getting in on world boss kills really easily. The auction house is really well stocked too and things like gems and enchants are really reasonably priced, however transmog items are through the roof expensive. Even greens that are pretty common drops are priced really high. That is a big difference, on Aman’thul gems/flasks/enchants are stupidly priced and transmog is really cheap. I decided to move all my horde toons over but I’ll keep my alliance toons on A’t. One server for each faction keeps it nice and tidy on my log in screen.

On the PvP side, the druid hasn’t seen much of it however she  doesn’t need to venture into Pandaria much; she goes to her farm and kills Tigers in the valley for their meat and to the Isle for raiding but the rest of her time is spent exploring in the old world, so she’s probably not an accurate portrayal of what PvP realm might look like. She did have a quick glimpse of world PvP; though it was hardly a fair fight.  She was happily minding her business killing tigers in the valley when a level 89 hunter turned up. She kept a careful eye on him but decided after a few minutes he was probably harmless and continued on her tiger hunt. But then she turned her back and the hunter decided to attack without provocation so of course she had to defend herself and as he had 300k less health it wasn’t a very balanced fight and he feigned death.  However, being a vindictive druid, she held a bit of a grudge and killed him when he  stopped pretending he was dead. That might have been a bit mean but she felt a proper lesson was in order.

However, the PvP story for the undergeared toons is probably going to be a different story. They haven’t been over here long but on her first outing down in Krasarang Wild the priest was collecting feathers for the August Celestial people when she got a nasty zap off a monk throwing crackling green lightning at her; lucky she was able to disperse and jump off a cliff into the water but it took a while for her to recover.

I haven’t decided what to do with my belf warlock yet. I don’t play her so don’t really need to transfer her over but she does have maxed out engineering and mining. At the moment those are two professions I don’t really use and won’t miss having except that 5.4 is bringing engineering pets only so she will be useful again then. So I guess she’ll just stagnate where she until I decide if she can continue being horde and take her to Barth or she can have a life change and be a gnome and join the girls on A’t.


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