Time flies

Wow time flies, I have been really slack about updating here so that needs to be fixed.

In game I’ve been getting though things but it really doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been toon  hopping a lot between the pally and the monk trying to decide whose healing style I like the most and then concentrate on that toon. I had decided the pally was who I was going to concentrate on as I like pally healing a lot, but then I found on the monk I like the overall package of the class; both heals and dps.  I’m at the point where I can heal in 5mans on both toons  and no-one dies (regularly anyway, accidents always happen) so I can play both of them fairly adequately but  I don’t feel like I actually have a grasp on the finer mechanics of either class, so I really should settle on one and start to learn it properly.

who to pick

pick me, pick me

I ended up valor capping both of them this week as well as my druid  so that probably explains why I don’t feel like I’ve done much other than play healers. Annoyingly, my monk can do all of the TOT lfrs now and my pally is still stuck with the earlier ones. She is sitting on 2500vps and nothing to spend them on as she really needs a new trinket to be able to get into the ToT lfrs but her rep with the Shado-pan and Dominance offensive (both give trinks) is still too low – she needs to be revered with both. So dailies are in her life for the moment unless I hopefully get a trink drop from the lfrs next reset. The monk just seems to have much more luck with drops which is nice in one way and frustrating in another.

Raiding on the druid is bopping along. We’re working on Megeara and Twins progression and we seem to be pretty close to killing  Meg; we’re getting to 6/7 heads fairly constantly so hopefully tonight’s raid will see that boss down and we’ll be 8/13 which would be quite exciting. Twins – are just painful and we burn up a lot in phase 2 with Suen’s horrible nuclear inferno she drops on our heads. So we have a bit of work to do there still.

Lei Shen is playing mean and refusing to the drop the mace I know he has hidden about his person, instead he turned our last clear into a transmog run by dropping two tanking shields and as our warrior tank didn’t need either of them; our shaman and holy pally got nice shiny transmog items.

Lei shen xmog

lfm Lei Shen Xmog run

We’re trying to organise increasing the amount of raiding to 4-5 nights a week to try to clear heroic mode before 5.4 comes out but it’s not looking promising as a lot of the team are committed elsewhere on the nights we don’t raid.

Anyone else ever find a difficulty in chosing just one class?


2 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. I tend to have a hard time picking what healer to focus the most, they are all so fun (all but the holy priest). Most often I find myself go back to focusing the most my paladins in the end. 🙂

  2. It’s tricky indeed. I think the only healing style I haven’t like is a resto shaman but thats offset by the fun of throwing bolts of lightning and beams of fire at ppl. I still haven’t made a choice but with reset this week and a ton of more lfr’s to do surely one will pull ahead in terms of favourite.

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