And we thought our mail system was in trouble

Do you know there are no horde accessible mailboxes in Western Plaguelands. I flew around looking for one at the horde camp at Andorhal with no luck.

A quick wowhead search mentioned one at Chillwind Camp so I flew down to see if it was a neutral box.. apparently not.

mail 1

Sheesh guys, for the love of all things holy I just wanted to post a letter

mail 2

Should’ve let me use the mailbox

I think this is something that needs to be fixed. Who is going to join their voices to mine? We shall pen a petition to blizzard to add horde mailboxes to Western Plaugelands.. ugh well as soon as I can find a mailbox.



14 thoughts on “And we thought our mail system was in trouble

      • No, that’s where you would expect one but there isn’t. I did find a reference to a bug report from patch 4.0 saying you can’t see a mailbox until you complete the quest “the reckoning” but I don’t know if it’s accurate or not. Regardless there really should be at least one unphased mailbox for horde. There is for alliance.

    • hmm I don’t think I’ll worry too much about doing the quest but that is odd you do have a questline to get the mailbox to spawn when the inn and innkeeper is there.

    • I gave him a chance but he was just so determined; the pally had to defend herself. These special agents so dedicated to their cause, they wouldn’t listen that all I wanted was to peacefully clear my bags through the post 😦

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