Girls like to.. what?

Warning: slighty annoyed and probably nonsensical  rant incoming

Not too much makes me cross but sexist and racist comments get my back up. Sexist comments in particular. Even if they are pretty tame stereotypical comments they peeve me right off.

Particularly in relation to a video game; here differences in physical size or whatever baloney people use to justify why one sex is better than the other are pretty much put aside. Personally, imo,  behind the screen  your sex doesn’t matter in your player skill and enjoyment of the game.  There are good girl players and good guy players and bad of both.

So what annoyed me was a particularly annoying guildie was talking in gchat about all his level 90s toons and unfortunately I let myself get involved by mentioning my own toon’s progress.  First mistake right there.

girls 1

Now what he said wasn’t particularly offensive, but it raised my hackles considerably. Girls like to level? All girls have a billion 90s? Hmm I sure do have a lot of alts, but I know plenty of girls that don’t as well as knowing plenty of guys that do.

What utter tosh, I don’t think being a girl means you like to level anymore than a guy likes to level, it just seems like such a stupid stereotypical thing to say and I can see that it’s fairly innocuous but seriously.. girls like to level wtf? I’m surprised his next comment wasn’t that girls always play healers or always have maxed out cooking.

This is probably silly but it seriously annoyed me and I wanted to share.


22 thoughts on “Girls like to.. what?

  1. What a stupid thing to say! I now plenty of guys and girls who like to level alts. And we know ONE girl who hates levelling alts!

    I think the guys like to/girls like to thing annoys me too. It has nothing to do with gender. What’s he saying, girls can’t PvP or raid so they go and level alts?

    • I don’t know what he was trying to get at. The silly thing was he had just banged on about how many alts he had at 90 and was planning on getting all the classes at 90. Apparently, even though I have the same goals it’s not on the same level because I “like” to do it whereas he doesn’t like to do it and that makes it more of an accomplishment than mine I guess.

  2. What about all the guys who play female characters? I have a few alts but it doesn’t mean I like levelling, I do it more for the professions or ability to wear certain things for my costumes =/

    I had a pretty rude comment in a pug once. When I had to go AFK for a sec, Cool said “she’ll be back in a min” where one of them replied, “She probably went to change her tampon.” When I came back I apologised for making them wait but then Cool told me not to apologise before he told me what he said.

    • Omg who makes that sort of stupid comment 😦 They sound so dumb and it’s completely based off your toon’s gender (well I know Cool said ‘she’but I tend to refer to a toon as she or he depending on if it is a girl or guy toon), as you said there are plenty of guys that play female toons. I enjoy the levelling process at times – seeing the zones I haven’t seen or testing out a new toon is fun but at times it gets old and you just want to fly through the levels. This is the same for everyone I’m sure.

      • Ya, I do recall that dungeon and totally jumped that persons shit… but if anyone knows me well I could careless what people say to me sometimes but anything to Cym, well they better expect a WALL OF TEXT from me if I can’t chew them out literally, BUT anyway. Personally I love lvlings toons and Cym knows that. Not that I do not enjoy end content but it gets really repetitive to me so I gotta change pace. I have probably maxed a ton of toons and deleted a few maxed lvled toons as well.

  3. I think the implication with the comments is that girls don’t care about end-game content so they stick with the easier stuff, like leveling, as opposed to learning how to play well or better like you’d need at level 90. The other side of the coin is that people often associate sexism with overt “get in the kitchen” jokes or even calling women names when really the pervasive problem is that these kind of seemingly-innocent comments continue the sexist culture we’re all living in.

    Good for you for saying something to him and calling him out on it, as well as blogging about it.

    • ty, I wasn’t sure if people would think I’m just whining or something because as you mentioned it’s easier to identify the really overt comments, the more subtle ones are more difficult to pinpoint but they’re just as pervasive and just as stereotypical.

  4. I have alts but I HATE leveling them. I know more guys who enjoy the leveling process than girls but I wouldn’t claim that guys like leveling more than girls!

    I must know, does this guy have alts?!

    • Well thats the thing, the comment he made before I chimed in was him saying that he has 3 alts at 90 now. the toon he was on will make his 4th and he is going to eventually have 1 of every class at 90.

  5. So many comments on this post and quite rightly so, really REALLY annoys me when guys start on about what girls on wow should and only do. I have a similar story, but I had a mini win at the end so its no way as bad as any of these, especially Cym’s, that ones just.. wow …

    Anyhoo, my bf wasn’t able to do his dailies for a while back when Golden Lotus and Klaxxi etc were a big deal, so I would log into his account and do them for him, sometimes later in the night, or through the day. I came online one particular day to see a few peeps on, so I said hey and they asked what I was doing online, thinking I was my bf. I told them I was his girlfriend and they were like ‘Oh yes, of course, my girlfriend does my dailies and farms herbs for me also” he then went on to comment “Well that’s all she CAN do on this game, she hasn’t got a clue when it comes to other aspects, I bet your equally as confused” WOOOAHH! I instantly saw red and just calmly said, ‘If you look in the guild roster, you will see my character parked under the name of Kaitz, why don’t you check it out on the armory?’ at the time I was mainly playing my worgen, so my priest was dormant in that very same guild, and he never spoke to me again :> What a bloody tool though :< we get alot of stick indeed.

  6. I seriously do not understand why some people have the inability to navigate life without labeling people. Girls do this, gays do that … WTF. We are all PEOPLE with varying interests. That’s as stupid as me saying all pimply-faced fat guys live in their mother’s basement playing WoW. When stuff like this happens all I can think is that a lot of parents are doing a really rotten job of raising their children.

    • Labels annoy me too, everyone is so unique that there isn’t anything they can’t do if they set their mind to it, so to put people in little pigeon holes is so wrong and shortsighted.

  7. You all realize the insecurity in some gamers, and here I will generalize: some male gamers, is the issue here–the sociological context of these conceptions, moreoever misconceptions, is huge, and exposes the thinking for how broken it is. Having said that, what a tool. 🙂

  8. Comments like this are just… urghh *rolls eyes*. I often wonder if the people that make these types of comments in-game are the same in real-life or if they use the anonymity as an excuse to get away with it!! I’ve had people ask if I’m female before but nothing as horrible as your experience or those mentioned in the other comments.

    • lol I often wonder that too. On the being asked if I’m female – if it occurs in the first 2 mins of the conversation the asker makes my mental do not bother with list. My gender is not important at all to the enjoyment of or quality of the conversation so do not ask.

  9. He was most likely just trying to brag, and when you said how many 90’s you had it made what he was trying to brag about seem less of an accomplishment. You weren’t trying to lessen his accomplishment, just share in something in common to which he should have responded by trying to share in it as well. He instead tried to save his “accomplishment” by making it sound like what he had done was still rare for a guy.

    I hate to burst his bubble, but I know plenty of members of either sex that would fall into almost any category of accomplishment he could come up with. Lots of alts….check. Hard Core raiders….check. PvPers …. check. Achievement chasers…..check. AH moguls…. check.

    I’m right there with you on the three to go for one of each 🙂

    • Hi Cain, you could be right. I certainly wasn’t trying to spoil his alt ability just trying to share that I knew what it was like to have a ton of alts.
      lol there are so many different ways to play and you’re right it’s not limited to either sex.
      Oh cool – what 3 do you have left to get? I have a feeling it’s going to take me a while bc I’ve left the 3 melee classes to level and given my preference for ranged it might be a bit of a stretch. I’ll just concentrate on how cool transmog for those 3 classes look and use them as fashion toons to motivate me to level some up.

      • I have 85 monk, 85 rogue, and 82 shaman left. I started the rogue, but I didn’t play at all this past weekend so I didn’t make it far. One annoyance is that I transferred all my boa gear off to another server so all three were practically naked. That and both the rogue and the monk got gifted most of the way so they still had like level 10 gear in some slots.

        Now if only we could see each other outside of instances we’d be able to level together on weekends.

        • Ohh and if you have the archaeology boa polearm that will make both the warrior and dk much easier. Nothing like having a 471 weapon the entire time leveling even if it’s not an ideal weapon for strength classes. DK I just went blood, and I basically could pull anything and not die. Probably killed stuff slower, but it was easier leveling IMO. Warrior I went arms as stuff seemed to die in only a few hits. And if you can get a couple of the boa rare 450 weapons that will make the rogue easier. Unfortunately those start at 86 instead of 85 like the polearm.

          • What faction are you on those 3? its 100% annoying we can’t do world stuff but if you want to run a few dgns as part of levelling let me know. Hmm I might have to get into arch again just to see if i can find that polearm.

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