New shoes and a pressie

“What are you doing?”

“I’m killing mobs for pieces of wood, I need 500 and each mob drops 1 piece so I have a lot to kill”

“Why do you want 500 pieces of wood”

“To buy invisible shoes”

The look I received at this point was priceless. A combination of admiration for my dedication mixed with disbelief at my sheer stupidity. Invisible shoes? Why didn’t I just take off the shoes I have if I didn’t want to wear shoes.

However, I persisted and finally the priest got her shoes. The whole reason I wanted them was for this specific transmog. Any boot in the game hides the flare of the pants and I didn’t like the look of slippers with it.

crimson transmog2

The only problem is I think a barefoot monk would be more appropriate. Wonder if I have time to grind out another 500 pieces before 5.4 drops and takes away the shoes forever.

I also received a really cool pet from Arvash the other day. He sent me a Gusting Grimoire as a thank you for making another pet team with him and Luxy.

Gusting Grimore

While I’m super excited and thrilled to receive the gift, I felt a tiny bit guilty because you see I’m not that great at pvp. When I get into the arenas and I have people hell-bent on attacking me I tend to lose my head and completely forget how to play a boomy andΒ  end up spamming a lot of moonfire and little else, if my team is lucky I might remember I have cyclone, so I’m sure I’m possibly a hinderance rather than a help. But I love my book pet and I’ll have to have a hunt around and see if I can find a gift for Arv in return.

15 thoughts on “New shoes and a pressie

  1. They’re transmoggable? I must get them! But now I have to grind 500 bits of wood 😦 ah well, I’ll give it a shot! The Gusting Grimoire is lovely ^^ I’m slightly sick of it, though. I got about 4 of those loot cards drop from about 12 packets of Betrayal of the Guardian, and I’ve bought about 50 or so packets of War of the Ancients and only got ONE loot card. It was one I wanted – Demon Hunter’s Aspect – which was something at least, but I was trying for the feldrake mount πŸ˜›

    • The grind is worth it, I love running around with a barefoot priest lol. I hardly ever buy trading cards so to get a tcg pet is really cool :). I’ve seen the demon hunter’s aspect, it looks great, grats on getting it. I’d probably be using that on CD if I had it :).

  2. I think you’re doing fine on our tournament team, I’m pretty much a noob too when it comes to huntering, as I’ve never pvp’d on that class before. We’re getting close to our 100, so it’ll be all over soon, lol. And you’re welcome for the pet =)

  3. Congrats on your shoes and pet!
    Good luck finding a present for Arv. It took me quite a while to find something he didn’t have.

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