Finally an Unborn Val’kyr and a patch release date

I’ve had my Paladin up in Northrend farming cobalt for a few days now. I decided,  despite the horrendous amount of cobalt I need and the horribly low spawn rates, I’d stay and farm rather than buy it up off the AH as it would give me a chance to look for the Unborn Val’kyr. I spent most of my time mining in Howling Fjord and there are 3 spawn points for the pet there.

One of the spawn points would give me an excited moment everytime I passed over it because there was a regular spawn of a snake right near it, so each time I was all excited thinking it was the Val’kyr.. but no. Then yesterday I was near the spawn point and hovered over a pawprint and it was an Unborn Val’kyr. I was sure someone would nab it in the time it took me to fly down and click on her but no one did and I got my own baby Val’kyr.


I had a great deal of fun going around killing critters for her to rez again.

And Siege of Orgrimmar has been officially released for 10th September so that is pretty exciting.


photo borrowed from Mmochampion

With 2 weeks away I don’t think we’re going to be able to reach Ra-den as we’re still sitting at 8/13 but hopefully one or two more heroic bosses might die before then. Tbh even if they don’t I’m pretty happy with our progress and won’t really mind not having to research more bosses for ToT as I’m about to spend a fair bit of time pouring over the videos and guides that have been written for the first few bosses in SoO.

There won’t be a valor quartermaster in SoO, all the gear is going to come from the 3 levels of raiding, Lfr, Normal raid and Flex but the upgrade vendor will still be there. So my plan is to cap out every week on valor before the patch which means I’ll still have a few upgrades I can do now and still be pretty close to cap for 5.4.

Mostly what I am excited for:

Druid changes, there are quite a few significant changes to resto druids that are going to make talents/glyphs a bit different. I can’t wait to see how the glyph that unlocks my AOE component from my swiftmend instant heal and instead links it to my mushroom. I’m envisaging being able to leave my AOE circle under a clump of people and not have it wasted when I SM that one annoying person that is out of range of everyone.

New raid.. That’s a given. New bosses, new scenery, new loot. Too much to describe.

Drinking a duplicate flask with less than 15 minutes remaining will now extend the duration of the new flask by that amount. – yay no more having to click off a flask that only has a few minutes remaining because it will expire in the next pull (I don’t know about you but I’m likely to forget mid-fight so always refresh it before the pull and internally grumble at the loss of 5mins or so of flask). Not a major quality of life  issue but I like the change.

– New cooking recipes have been added and noodle carts.  Noodle Carts! Can’t wait to see those.

Proving Grounds where lvl 90 players can undertake trials designed for Damage, Tank, or Healer roles with four separate difficulties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Harder difficulties include more difficult and varied enemies. This sounds fun, I wonder if it actually will be.

Well not long to wait now, whats on your can’t- wait-to-do list.


10 thoughts on “Finally an Unborn Val’kyr and a patch release date

  1. I know, I wonder if it’s because of her look; super cute little angel or her more rare status. Though tbh I think it took longer for me to get the Silithid Hatchling than this one and I’m more happy about this pet. It’s got to be her looks. She looks like a little angel to me. Not an innocent angel, but still one 🙂

    • hi, ty :). This was the first time in the patch notes I’ve noticed the flask changes too. Its such a little thing but it really is a handy improvement.

  2. Grats on your pet and your heroic progress in ToT, Z! I’m just wanting one normal kill of Lei Shen, lol.

    I’m looking forward to the new raid and the Proving Grounds too. And maybe the Celestial Tournament to get me back into pet battling, which I haven’t done in a while.

    • You’re so close to it, you’ll get it! I haven’t been doing a great deal of battles or levelling up any new pets lately, I’ll have to get back into that with all the new pets coming out in 5.4 :).

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