Druid utility – Stampeding Roar

My raid team had a boomy join us for a short while and he was incredibly good at casting Stampeding Roar (The Druid roars, increasing the movement speed of all friendly players within 10 yards by 60% for 8 sec and removing all roots and snares on those targets).

He used that spell every time the raid had to move and oh boy did they get used to it, some might say spoilt by it even. So much so that when he departed our team I honestly think they had roar withdrawals because I suddenly noticed a lot more calls for “Z, can you roar for us”. This started to play in my head each time I heard another call over vent;

I would dutifully put roar up but it’s base ability is only an 10 yard radius and drops me into bear form so it’s pretty useless as it is. I can however glyph it so it doesn’t drop me into bear form and then add another glyph that increases its range by 30 yards. I resisted at first because I like my 3 glyph spots for healing glyphs; I typically run:

  • Glyph of Regrowth – makes my fast expensive heal a guaranteed crit,
  • Glyph of Lifebloom – allows me to move lifebloom (a hot that can be stacked up to 3 charges) to another player without losing any stacks I’ve built up,
  • Glyph of Wild Growth – allows wild growth (my AOE heal) to hit a 6th player.  Comes with a 2 sec increased CD penalty though.

I realised pretty quickly that while there were times I could cast roar and be dropped into bear form without any issues there were times when I really needed to be healing at the same time my raid needed to be moving so staying in bear form for 6 seconds so I could benefit from the roar wasn’t an option and using it, popping into bear form and then having to wait another sec to pop out of it before I could resume healing became a pain in the rear pretty quickly so I decided to drop a healing glyph and take the one that allowed me to stay in Troll form while under its effect.

Then I realised that this spell having an 10 yard radius is ridiculously useless as half the time it wouldn’t hit anybody in the raid, other than myself; so that saw another healing glyph dropped in favour of having it increased by 30 yards.

While I don’t have to take both these glyphs for every fight, I do have to take both if I want Stampeding Roar not to be truly crappy in a raid setting. Both these glyphs are major glyphs, and they both change a single spells ability so maybe there is a issue with this spell in its natural state.

Losing 2 glyph spots to make a useful spell work is just silly. I guess I can just get used to cancelling bear form a lot but you really need the larger radius for this spell to be useful. And there are so many fights that it is handy in; primoridus when we need to get the boss away from the viscious horror fast if there was a taunt error, Megaera when we need to get to our furthest away stack point, Horri between gates; Jinrokh in lightning storm, Qon in Windstorm… it’s such a useful spell and yet its seriously limited in the toolkit of a healer.

I know when I’m in boomkin stance I always have these two glyphs as prety much stock standard so that indicates to me, that this spell is a little.. well blah on its own.  Do we really need 2 glyphs to modify a single spell into something resembling a useful ability.

I would love to see this spell have a couple of changes;

  1. Make the ability to stay in normal form a minor glyph, or
  2. Make the base ability of the spell’s radius 40 yds
  3. Make the base ability 40yds and have a major glyph to allow it to remove snares and roots, if the idea of a 40yd movement freeing device seems too strong.

5.4 is bringing a lot of new glyph choices that I’ll want to be adding into my healing toolkit, making the decision between chosing to make this spell useful  or taking better healing glyphs even more of a tricky decision.


2 thoughts on “Druid utility – Stampeding Roar

  1. I love stampeding roar. I admit I rarely use it in a raid except when we need to go places (but I use it a lot in pvp, challenge modes) but I should try to use it more. I don’t think I’d glyph it though – so many other more important things to use!

    • I know and 5.4 is bringing even more healing glyphs I’ll want to be including like being able to have my ground AoE under a mushroom. I’ve started using this spell a lot in most of the ToT fights, I think the fights I don’t use it on are actually in the minority but SoO might not have the movement requirements so it could be a moot point for raiding, but I still think 2 major glpyhs to transform this into a useful raid ability is a little overkill.

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