Alt Week – Death Knight

This week is Death Knight week and the post I’m about to write now at the end of the week in no way resembles the post I thought I was going to write about DKs at the start of the week

I like the idea of Death Knights but they haven’t appealed to me enough to actually level one all the way to 90. At the start of the week I had two; a lvl 65 Blood Elf sitting on Dath’Remar and an 81 Human on Aman’thul.

dk 2dk 5

I made two so I could see the different endings to the starting area. The quests were fun, except the one where I had to kill off a friend from a former life, and the memorable hiding behind a painted tree to kill a courier.. honestly it was a painted tree. The endings on both sides was good with a bunch of really big names like Tirion Fordring, Darian Morgraine, Koltira and Thassarian; I liked being in the presence of heroes.

I mainly made the DKs originally because I’d heard so much about how survivable DK’s are that they can solo almost anything and I wanted to be able to do that but in reality I found the rune system really confusing (a lot of the time I’d have absolutely everything on CD and no idea what to do) and tbh I was a lot squishy. I was playing both toons in the same spec; frost. So I’d jump on now and again and put a bit of xp onto one or the other; both spent months sitting in front of Pet tamers doing daily battlepet daily quests and got most of their xp that way.

So for this week I decided that I would play the 81 DK a bit and get her a little closer to 85. So I stared out by running a few dgns and questing and spent a bit of time finding her a nice new xmog.

dk 3

But my motivation was waning because I didn’t really like the way the class felt. Then I started to see DK posts pop up and after reading Cinder’s blog about her blood DK and then Mr and Mrs Wow’s account; both mentioned how fun they found their blood dks so I changed the human DK to blood and wow did the fun begin. Suddenly she could pull huge mobs in Deepholm and she had so many healing and defensive cooldowns at her fingertips and the rune issue all but went away, I seemed to have no shortage of attacks to use. The class went from blah to wow in a second.

I decided I liked blood so much that I made a third DK on my home realm of Barthilas just so I can have one to level as blood from the start on the same realm as all my other toons. So I spent all of Friday night tanking dungeons from the minute I got out of the starting zone.ย  At one point I was randomly grouped into a dungeon with Arvash who was also on his DK. She’s currently level 64 and unless something changes in the way I feel about this toon she will be my next to 90.

dk 6

Funny Fact – at one point this week, everyย  friend on my btag list who was online (most are bloggers) was on a DK at the same time.


10 thoughts on “Alt Week – Death Knight

  1. That’s pretty funny about your whole battletag list being on DKs at the same time — I guess DK appreciation week was working!

    My main DK is Frost and I enjoy it well enough. She’s got a Blood off-spec mostly because some of the outfits I want to make for her are too red to seem appropriate for Frost — I don’t ever intend to actually tank groups with her. Perhaps I should give Blood a go for doing dailies and for leveling in the next expansion, though.

    • That was my first thought, everyone was in on DK week :). I’m thinking even if I don’t actually like tanking at 90 she should still be fun to go and solo or maybe make her my skinner – she can pull whole packs and then skin to her hearts content.

    • It’s so funny that the overwhelming consensus seems to be that blood is more fun even if you don’t actually want the role of tank. I’m just loving running through my quest mobs and rounding them up rather than my normal practice of hovering around the edge trying to find the one mob that if I pull it, it won’t pull the rest.

  2. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the blood spec, that is my favorite spec as well! I’ve been trying frost a little this week, just so I could do Raid Finder (I refuse to tank LFR), but it seems a bit boring in comparison, and also more difficult with runes, like you said.

    Lol, I love that your battle tag list was DK-only. I’m so happy that more people than myself liked this idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Great idea Lae, I might not have been motivated to try it otherwise and I certainly wouldnt have got to to read other people’s experiences. So many people on DK’s this week, it’s great ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I remember my brother telling me that Blood so slow at leveling and that I should go Frost. I told him… Look Blood is a tank spec. You are supposed to round them up like so and quest by killing multiple mobs at once. I still haven’t tried Frost. I have no desire to try the spec. I guess I should but I like the fast queues.

    • Ooh the fast ques, love them. I was quing with a rogue from my guild last night and it was great getting in so fast.I remember dps ques as horrible.
      I love being able to round everything up even when I’m by myself questing, I run through everything and group it into a big pack and go to town. Such a far cry from levelling on my clothie casters ๐Ÿ™‚

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