Alt Week – Druid

The class this week is Druids and I don’t think Druids are a class you can have too many of. I’m slightly biased because my main is a resto druid but I also have a few alt druids tucked away.

druid 8druid 2 druid 5

druid 3I started Zeirah as an alt project one day late in cata. I was at the time raiding on a mage and a holy priest. I had her specced as feral but wasn’t really playing her that much, just here and there a bit but I had got her to around the level 25 mark when a friend asked me to come run some dgns in a group. I had been tossing up making her a healer os  at 30 so had been collecting all leather int gear that came my way and as there was already 3 dps in the group it was a good time to change. They patiently waited while I raced back to SW to respec and grab some extra int gear from the AH and drop the few healing spells I had onto vuhdo and we were off. I was entranced from the moment we got in there; I had mobility while healing (absolutely amazing for keeping up with chain pulling tanks), the green swirls of rejuv were so pretty and best of all I didn’t seem to have the mana issues that my holy priest had when I was running low dgns.

After that dgn, I never changed back to feral and started to concentrate on levelling her as fast as I could. Once I got to 85, the team I was running my holy priest in really nicely allowed me to change to the resto druid as my main for the rest of Dragon Soul and come MOP, she was my first toon to 90 and essentially is my main in everything thing I do.

druid 4Sinarial I made just so I could raid on another druid when my main druid was locked but I didn’t actually get around to levelling her all the way to 90 so she’s sitting at 88. Now that my main is horde, she gives me a pretty Night Elf druid. She is being played exactly as I play my main; balance/resto. I did have grand plans to finish her levelling this week but a combination of being really busy IRL, a DK that is super fun and a dabble in Diablo 3 sort of got in the way of that. One day I’ll finish her.

druid 1The second Zeirah (original naming policy I know) was made so I could play with my friends in  Frostwolves and try out a Tauren feral druid seeing I didn’t get much experience with feral. Tbh I don’t know how I feel about Feral. It’s a bit humiliating in dgns when a hunter has a cat pet as we both tend to attack with exactly the same moves.. I feel like a glorified pet. But that aside, I do like running around in cat form 90% of the time and tend to use cat form over a mount even though it’s slower. I’m currently questing in Silverpine Forest on this toon though the quests are grey to her because the Silverpine zone is one I’ve never done before and it’s pretty interesting.  So from a levelling perspective she’s not going anywhere fast.

druid 6 druid 7

Seriously love Druids.


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