Oh my goodness, what an amazing gift

From Navi by Sleepingfox(1)

I logged into wow today and got a whisper from Navi asking for my email address; so I had a clue that something was up but I wasn’t expecting that she went and commissioned a Chibi from the amazing artist Sleeping FoxΒ  as a present for me.

I was absolutely speechless and I think Navi got a row of OMG OMG OMGs as my very first reaction in chat and I might have squealed the same toΒ  the people I was talking to in vent at the time, a lot.

I had been watching Sleeping Fox’s website since I saw Luxy’s chibi but dallied too long thinking about it before commissions closed again. So I was absolutely stoked and speechless that Navi had gone to all the trouble of organising this for me as a present. I really do have the most amazing friends. A massive thank you to Navi and another thank you to Sleeping Fox, seriously the most amazing artist I’ve seen.

I love that my troll looks so adorable and she’s wearing my favourite transmog and holding a waterlily which is the whole inspiration behind that transmog. What a seriously beautiful present to get. I’m so going to use this everywhere I can use an avatar. So so cute.


16 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, what an amazing gift

    • I love it!! A million ty will never convey how much I love it :). I may have bored my friends last night by constantly squeeing about my troll and making them go look at it πŸ˜›

    • Amazing Navi is right πŸ™‚ and 2 days later and I’m still staring at her thinking how cute she is. oh boy how bad is it to be in love with a picture πŸ™‚

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