Alt Appreciation Week – Hunter

It’s hunter week, so I thought I’d hop through the realms and see what hunters I have hidden away. Apparently I tend to make a lot of hunters:

   hunter 8

Canji is the only one at 90.  I love being able to tame pets and of all my toons, my hunter was the first one who could take on the pandaria rares when she was completely undergeared and walk away with their loots but I don’t really play her that much.

One day I’ll actually put time into my hunter and play her properly but not today. What I do is spend a lot of time making mogit outfits for my hunter.

hunter 3

This is the most recent set and I’m pretty happy with the look of it. I just had to go track down a golden pet or two once I got all the pieces.

hunter 11 hunter 12

hunter 13

 I was in the shrine the other day and saw this amazing hunter trio, I do love matching pets and mounts for hunters and this one’s gone a step further and matched her companion pet too.. that’s pretty cool.

hunter 5


4 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation Week – Hunter

  1. The dragonhawk & your mog go so well together! Ages ago I designed a mog that matched Kitty but I don’t have all the gear I need yet. I think matching transmogs, pets, mounts & companion pets works and looks really good! Shame there’s no Kitty look-a-likes 😦

    • I like matching mogs too :). I saw your pic of Kitty, it would be great if there was a little companion pet that looked like her to run around with you. What set did you design, that would look fantastic matching her colours 🙂

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