Pre-patch day

Are you excited? I’m excited, it’s the day before patch finally.

In my house Patch day is declared a national holiday and all work shuts down while I explore and look around. So lucky tonight is a super freaking early shutdown because it means I can run around and do all the things I should be doing tomorrow today. And if you think this is bad, wait till expansion day, it stops being a national holiday and starts being a week long holiday.

So am I ready… hell no. There is a list as long as my arm as what I should have been doing like making living steel, but my miner is on a different realm to my alchemist for transmutes so all those cool new pets and mounts will be a little way off while I finish leveling up a Barthilas miner. I’ve also been a bit behind on levelling pets for the new Celestial Tournament but I have plenty of 25s so I’ll be right.. right? I have taken a sneak peek at the new raid bosses and written a few new strats but since I’ll also be dealing with a complete revamp of some of my talents and heals the first night might be a bit scratchy.

But in a way it’s a little sad to say goodbye to Throne of Thunder.

druid 3

Nests – something I’ve never done and if I can continue to avoid it on alts I will

This was the first tier I’ve seen heroic’s in and went horde in and I can’t believe its already been 5 months with this guild/team. It’s just flown by and we’re moving to a new format of 25m raiding tomorrow so that is going to be a huge change too.

raid 1

With Visage’s Skymirror and Flaming’s glyph of Illusion, the left stack group for Iron Qon was super fun

What I won’t miss is having to sit through this every week:

raid 2

Though it was fun seeing just how many of us would actually be shown at any one time.

It’s definately going to be exciting tomorrow, I’ll be heading over to the Timeless Isle as soon as possible I think for a look around and then into SoO for our first look. Hope everyone is as excited as me.


6 thoughts on “Pre-patch day

  1. Yay 🙂 hmm is it cool.. or slightly wow -mad? I tend to get excited easily 🙂 and this patch with so many changes for resto druid is making me bounce around like a crazy one atm, I just can’t wait.

  2. you guys didn’t skip the pre-Tortos cinematic?? You could avoid it by jumping down the right hand side straight down to Tortos…

    I’m very excited about 5.4 also. Been looking at the fights and panicking just a little bit. I’m excited for you guys moving to 25 man! That sounds awesome 🙂 Hope you love it.

  3. Tell me you are kidding about being able to skip it.. we sat through it every week for months…
    The fights look hard, Im secretly panicking too :). I’m sure you guys are going to hear all about how I feel about 25m 🙂

    • aww I’m really sorry love, but I’m not kidding. As you approach the bridge, BEFORE you get on to it, you sneak around to the right where the quillen statue is. You can jump down from there. You have to be careful not to do it in one big drop (unless you have slow fall on or something of the like). If you land in the water you take no damage at all. I’m so sorry! If I had have known I could have told you ages ago. We HATED that cinematic. 😦

      Also, have you been on heliocentric’s site recently? She’s posted some healer guides for the first 3 fights. Certainly makes me feel a bit better about them, that’s for sure. First one is here:


      • omg lol, we bitched about that video every week, well that almost makes me want to go back in there just so I can skip it ;p
        Oh ty for that, no I haven’t looked in a while, I’ll head over now and have a read. 🙂

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