Alt Week – Mage

It’s mage week and I only have one mage which probably says a lot about how much I enjoy mageing which is pretty odd since she was my very first  and only wow toon for quite a while.

My mage is the original Zira and I got so used to being called Z that I name changed my druid’s name  to a similar spelling  and pronunciation when she became my main just so I could keep the nickname Z. I used to chuckle when I’d raid on my priest Falu and everyone would refer to me as Z, I felt sorry if we had pugs if they were trying to work out who the heck people were talking to.


Zira has undergone a few changes in her life. She started as Human and stayed human right up until she was 85 when I had a serious case of Night Elf envy of my Night Elf Priest friend so she had a change.


I absolutely loved her being a Night Elf and she is probably my most dressed up toon ever. Her bags, bank and Void Storage are stuffed full of pretty clothes that I transmog regularly. Before transmog came into the game I had two sets of gear saved for her in my bag, my proper armor set and a pretty town set for wandering around in.

Once I got her to 85, I raided on her and loved it, she was fire for levelling and then arcane for raiding and both were pretty fun. But once I started to level hybrid classes that had self-healing I found being on a squishy mage a real pain so once MOP hit and I made the druid my main the poor mage got pretty much put on the shelf, coming out to level to 90 because I needed an alchemist. She had another change when my druid got stick of paying for flasks over horde side, so she went to Blood Elf.


Moving to Barthilas she had to give up the name of Zira as its taken and atm she’s my guild bank toon on Barthilas so she doesn’t move much between the farm in Pandaria where she plants herbs, Dalaran to auction and the Argent Tournament for questing for pet tokens up there.

Every so often I think I’d like to play a mage again so I go and run some dgns on her or a bit of questing and pretty quickly remember that as much I love the thought of her, I don’t really like being a mage.


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