Seige of Orgrimmar first look

seige of orgrimmar

Wow this place is huge.

seige of orgrimmar 3

Standing here to take a photo actually caused some consternation among my raid mates.. something along the lines of wondering if I was going to fall off or not.

I am so excited to see this raid knowing its so big and there are a ton of bosses in here is really pretty neat. We had lots of people on yesterday so we did a quick flex run with about 12 people through the first 4 bosses that are available which was really pretty good to have an idea of the mechanics.

Then we went in last night for our normal raid. We’re raiding 10man on our normal nights this week and 25man flex on Friday and Saturday. I had looked at a few videos and a fantastic healing guide by Healiocentric which were great to give me a heads up.



Immerseus was pretty fun but its a huge area with only 10 people in it so it was really disconcerting to only ever have 3 people in range. I made mouseover macros for regrowth and rejuv and used them to heal the little blue droplets that charge towards the boss. They do slow significantly once you get a heal on them so I rejuv’d every one that was in range and then went back put bigger heals on them. I kept forgetting to stand near them when they were fully healed so I wasn’t getting the healing buff a lot. Next week I’ll remember that.

Fallen Protectors

Fallen Protectors

This was one chaotic fight, it seemed to be a big dance of stack, spread, dispel, dispel, dispel. I’ll need to make a Tell Me When for when my dispel is off cd because I have to use it a lot. We 3 healed this fight but are considering trying it as 2 next week, there was a fair bit of overhealing going out.



 I hadn’t looked at this boss in any great detail before we got to him. We muddled through him but it was a bit messy. We didn’t end up sending any healers down to be purified though. We had intended healers to go down into the phased section, we just never got around to it. Next week!

Sha of Pride

sha of pride

This fight I quite liked though there wasn’t too much to it. Another stack and spread depending on what’s happening fight. DBM timers are a bit off for it atm so we often would all scatter away from each other and stand there waiting for the mechanic to happen. 2 people got trapped in prisons and you had to stand on the edges to let them out before they took a lot of damage.



 This is where we called it for the night after a few attempts. This would definitely have to be the most interesting fight of the first ones we did. After Sha you get a portal to Orgrimmar and start to fight just outside the gates. A few big names turn up, Sylvanas (who I didn’t expect to see as she had no role in 5.3 at all), Lor’themar, Jaina and Varian. This fight has you killing waves of adds, climbing towers and using cannons, attacking demolishers, splitting the group into two to go climb more towers and then after all that the boss comes down.  Hopefully we’ll get that boss down tonight because I’m really excited to get into Orgrimmar proper.

 Galakras 2

Thoughts on the Healing Changes.

I love the changes they have made to druids. I took the Glyph of Efflorescence which attached my ground AOE to my mushroom rather than to Swiftmend and basically I would drop my mushroom/efflo down under a stacked group of people, and there is a lot of stacking in the fights we saw so it worked great.  I very rarely detonated it mainly because I loved the circle just ticking away.  I moved it a ton so it was pretty much always sitting under people.

I picked up the Glyph of the Sprouting Mushroom which allows me to go back to being able to target where I want Efflo to go rather than how it currently goes on a player. I’ll most likely be playing with that. It’s a minor glyph so I don’t have to lose a healing glyph for it and it should make it a lot easier to ensure it goes  under the most amount of people and avoiding the odd case where someone who I put the mushroom under is off doing their own thing in some obscure corner away from everyone else.   I lost my Tier 15 4 set bonus which allowed the circle to hit 4 people pretty early on (Yu’lon on the Isle was feeling really generous and gave me gloves and I won a Tier chest off Sha) so that might affect how well the circle performs but so far it seems to be fairly good still.

Genesis allows all my rejuv ticks to expire at 400% their normal time and seemed to give a big bit of burst healing, I was using that a lot during Norushen because there is a lot of AOE damage going out. I also oomed pretty hard in the final minutes of that fight so maybe I’ll need to be a little less Genesis happy or up my spirit for it.

Ysera’s Gift. Not a bad passive talent though I didn’t really pay any attention to what proportion of healing it actually did. However I’ll probably stay with it by default.

Nature’s Vigil/Heart of the Wild. Now that HoTW gives a 25% buff to healing when used I’ll really have to get into the habit of using it rather than just thinking it’s a passive. I ended up using NV a lot more last night mainly because I wasn’t in the habit of using HoTW and NV is on a much smaller cd.

Soul of the Forest. This has always pretty much been my go to spell over Incarnation so I didn’t change it out at all last night. It now gives 100% haste to your next spell rather than the 75% it did.

There is way more to think about and play around with which I’ll get to do over the coming weeks. But for right now, I’m really liking what they have done with druids. I feel like I’ve got way more burst healing and the changes don’t seem detrimental so far.


8 thoughts on “Seige of Orgrimmar first look

  1. Druids feel really great these last 2 patches! We will look at Fallen Protectors tonight and it looks very busy so I’m not sure how we’d go – with no reset in the middle of raid might be more fun!

    • yes no resets! So annoying isn’t it. I read the strats for FP and looked and videos and it looked so so confusing, and was pretty chaotic during especially because Vuhdo wasn’t showing all the debuffs I wanted to see despite me adding them so there was a lot more talk on vent than usual with ppl calling out constantly what was on them and what they were passing to other people.
      And ty 🙂 I love killing bosses and despite me thinking that loot isn’t that important; new gear is like Christmas (I get quite excited), except the bosses aren’t quite as friendly as Santa 🙂

    • Ty Arv, I’m pretty stoked about it, but unfortuantely after spending another night on the 4th boss there’s a bit of tension in the raid team about our lack of moving forward.

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