New Warchief and a hint at the new expansion?

*Spoiler Alert*

Don’t read on if you don’t want to know or haven’t watched the ending yet

So the ending cinematic for when you kill Garrosh has been released and it shows who is going to take the new role of warchief.

There’s a slightly different ending for horde and alliance teams



So the Horde is going to have Vol’jin as leader. It was really interesting to see Varian take a step back when he saw who speaks for the Horde now and in my mind this leads to the impression that perhaps Varian is going to be prepared to tolerate or negotiate with the Horde.

However, I think it’s the Alliance ending that is the most interesting with the by-play between Jaina and Varian. For obvious reason Jaina’s hatred of the horde runs deep and her story of that hatred has been played out in this expansion. So for her to encourage Varian to dismantle the Horde and him not do so will be very interesting to see her reaction to. I wonder if that will have effects into the next expansion.

So, and this is where I veer into the realm of pure speculation, this is how I think the next expansion should play out like.

Wrathion has left clues to the idea that the Burning Legion will come back into Azeroth which will probably be the central theme of the next expansion. My personal feeling is that it’s telling that Sylvanas has been left pretty much out of this expansion, maybe blizz was listening to all the player feedback that it was a bit much using Thrall in a number of expansions, so I  think she was left out deliberately for  a reason and is going to have a bigger role in the next expansion.

I think Alleria, Sylvanas’ sister is going to make a reappearance and quite possibly Turalyon, the Alliance paladin that went missing with her in Outland when they were fighting the Burning Legion the first time. The reappearance of her sister will have to give Sylvanas a fairly large role in the central story.

Could it be that the rift between Alliance and Horde will be mended again for the expansion and they will be united against an outside force; the Burning Legion. But what if it’s not just one foe, what if Jaina, unhappy with Varian not dismantling the Horde, takes the Kirin Tor and forms a new faction, one that is at war with both the other factions. This would be interesting in the fact that her constant side-kick in the fight in Pandaria has been Vareesa Windrunner. The sister of both Sylvanas and Alleria, she has no cause to love the Horde anymore since her husband was killed at Theramore and no cause to love the Alliance since they did nothing to avenge his death by not taking out the Horde. Yet she would have a sister on both the different factions (I’m assuming Alleria will be Alliance) so that would add a very interesting dimension to where her loyalties lie.

Hmm, this is pure speculation and I’m highly likely to be wrong but just my ideas. What’s your thoughts or is it too early to be thinking about it?


3 thoughts on “New Warchief and a hint at the new expansion?

  1. I love the Windrunner sisters, so I like the idea of a story with them somewhat in the center. I hope you’re right in your guesses. 🙂

    My feeling is that Vareesa doesn’t hold much love for Sylvanas, and Sylvans being undead doesn’t hold much love for anyone at the moment. So if Alleria were to re-appeare I’m thinking she’s the one to be torn, still loving them both (atleast untill she sees what time has done to them). And I do think her sisters would try to use her as best they could for their own interests. Let’s hope she’s grown a thick skin where ever she’s been…and let’s hope time has been slightly more plesent for her than her sisters.

    • Yep, I love the Windrunner sisters too. Hmm you are probably right about Vareesa. Sylvanas I’m not so sure on, there is the quest where you take Alleria’s necklace to her and she gets quite sentimental about her so she might find some emotion left in her for that one if no one else.
      I do hope even if they don’t bring her back in the next expac that one day they will, I’d love to know what Alleria has been up to. The loading screen message about how no one has seen her or Turalyon in years drives me batty, its like a hint that maybe we’ll see them again soon.

      • I’m sure Sylvanas has emotions for Alleria, I’m just not sure it’s love in the traditional meaning. There are some undead quests out there that give some insight to UD feelings, and usually it isn’t pretty.

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