2 – Dress up Friday – Pirate


I’m going to make Fridays the Dress Up! post day.  Batinna has started making a video of all the submissions on Sundays. I love seeing all the transmogs and it’s amazing the way she made the last one. This week you get two transmog posts in a row while I play catch up.

This weeks theme – Pirate.

I found the leather eye patch on the AH when I was looking for the last entry’s clothes and immediately wanted to use it. Luckily I had most of the items in my guild bank (I knew there was a reason I’m storing tabs full of boe’s) or I could craft them fairly easily. The weapon had me tossing up for ages; there were a few I liked but when I tried them on a belf they seemed to look too small. I ended up questing over in Winterspring for the one I used.

pirate 1

pirate 2

I would love to keep this transmog in its entirety on my monk but she doesn’t have an offhand on either her heals or her dps set that can be transmogged into the sword so she’ll just have to be content running around as a single sword swinging pirate rather than the dual-wielding one she is in the photo.

Actually I found that I did have an off-hand that while not strictly as piratey, it does work. So my heals set has been transmogged to this and I can’t wait to run around on this toon as a pirate for a while.

pirate 3


10 thoughts on “2 – Dress up Friday – Pirate

  1. Bravo, Zeirah! This outfit — it is all kinds of awesome! The eyepatch, the combo of chestpiece and shirt, the shoulders that are from the same style family as the chestpiece but not in the same color variation, the belt and the pants and the boots — I love it!

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