Alt Week – Monk

My poor monk hasn’t been getting a lot of played time this week thanks to the Timeless Isle being a tad too fascinating for my main to want to tear herself away. Though she did make it over to Ordos and the Celestials right after restart this week. She was super lucky and picked up tier gloves off the great Niuzao which sort of made up for her many deaths at his hooves.

Monk 1

She started life as a human brewmaster and I had a great time levelling her as a tank right up until I hit the Blackrock Mountain dgn level; those places are mazes and I realised I hated people standing around waiting for me as I peered at the map or actually more accurately not waiting and going off and doing their own thing leaving me with the feeling that I was trying to herd cats through a cave.

So she pretty quickly had a spec change and  I picked up healing.  I found that while levelling as a healer I had access to a number of attacks and every attack I did passively healed me so she very rarely ever died. It did feel strange to be gearing int and spirit and whacking mobs with my fists and feet.  But it was fun and got me through the levels with fairly little deaths; always a good thing.

At 90 I’m playing her as main spec Mistweaver  because I really like the idea of trying out a monk healer and her healing style is so different to my druid in that I have two energy sources to manage – chi and mana.I have spells that operate off both energy sources and I also need to spend mana to make chi which I then spend to make a tea to drink to get mana.  One thing I really love about monk is their really pretty spell animations.

 monk 3

 monk 4monk 5

But I have a massive issue in that I really struggle to manage her mana. She typically drops to about 10% mana within the first minute of healing and despite trying to generate mana tea and drink it on cd, her mana just doesn’t seem to move. I’ve  heard that monks can supposedly live on a tiny spirit build but I haven’t figured out how that works yet.  I have found this podcast; Monk Meditation which is all about monking, so hopefully if I listen to it enough I might start to understand how she is meant to work.  I’ll stick with her as I’d love to have a really well-played monk but until I figure out how to manage her mana I don’t think I’ll super enjoy her.

monk 6


13 thoughts on “Alt Week – Monk

  1. Ooh, the combo of that chestpiece and kilt is just lovely! I’m putting this post in my Transmogrification bookmarks folder so I can remember to do something similar with my Feral Druid someday 🙂

    I like how different the Mistweaver playstyle is from other healers, but I really struggle with my Mistweaver Monk’s mana, too. By the time I’d run enough Frost Lord Ahune to get her the proper cloak, I had a pretty good rhythm for that specific fight down… but then I didn’t immediately go run heroics to cement what I’d learned. I’m thinking I’ll have to spend some quality time in the Proving Grounds with her.

    • I love that kilt, it’s a JP purchase from Shattrath. If I’m truly honest half her appeal is she’s a leather wearer like my main but a pretty blood elf so she makes all the leather outfits look so much better than a troll does. 🙂

      Oh I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has mana issues. I love proving grounds for trying out new healing talents/glyphs. Unlike a regular dgn where you’ll have a mixture of different tanks using/not using cds etc the fight is pretty static so I’ve been up there a fair bit trying out the different talents and having a play to see what the changes feel like.

  2. Lovely! I haven’t tried healing on my monk yet, but thanks to the Isle, I have almost a full healing set so I have no excuse not to! Like you say though, managing the mana/chi seems a bit daunting so perhaps I should level one from the beginning to really get a feel for the spec? Anyway, the spell effects are amazing and I love your mog!

    • I think if you just have a play with it you will get a feel for it, though ofc… one can never have too many alts so maybe you should level another :). Tx, this is possibly one of my favourite outfits too, I keep meaning to go buy the skirt for the druid but I hesitate because I think the troll frame will spoil the look of it.

  3. I have mixed feelings about my mistweaver and her mana. In any situation with massive amounts of damage coming in, i.e. pvp and the gold proving grounds, I really struggle for mana. In more controlled environments it’s manageable. That said I love the spec because I love the conflict of smashing bad stuff in the face whilst healing your friends. Also that kilt is the best thing to come out of Hellfire Peninsula!

    • lol I do like the being able to hit things and still passively heal a bit. Looks like we all love the kilt 🙂 I think Outland has some of the nicest pieces for transmog.

  4. My monk is Brewmaster but I’ve only leveled her to level 15 and then I got too scared to do into dungeons as a tank so stopped leveling her. I’m not thinking that a Pandaren Monk is way to common so I think I might re-roll her as a different race… but with today being the last day of #MonkWeek I may be out of time.

    • Plenty of time if you want to re-roll, monks level so fast with the extra xp bonus they get access to. I love the look of Pandaran monks and think I should probably have made one but I am a fan of Belfs. I’m thinking I’m going to roll a Panda Rogue for Rogue week.

  5. Thanks for the podcast mention! We’ll be having a mistweaver roundtable Oct 22nd with some of the best MWers out there and you bet we’ll talk about mana management. My off spec is MW, and I also have serious mana issues so I’ll be learning, too!

    • Oh cool, I can’t wait for the roundtable, I’ll definately be there to listen. It’s a great show btw, you guys are fantastic to listen to 🙂 It’s interesting to hear so many people mention that they have mana issues, I guess its part of the class that needs a bit more attention paid to it to learn that aspect.

  6. I also have to mention that your monk’s transmog is lovely! I don’t like leather skirts on mine because I keep thinking about how awkward it would be to kick in one, but then maybe if he looked that awesome in them I’d change my mind. 😀
    The mana regeneration thing is complicated. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got a handle on it with Tai, other times I’m just a little ways into a fight and wondering where the heck all my mana went. But I keep practicing and fiddling around with different things and it seems like unless I get really careless the ‘where is all my mana?!’ issue is happening less and less.

    • I know what you mean, I did think twice about putting my monk in a skirt but I love this skirt so much and she makes the leather outfits look so much better than my druid so I put her in all the outfits I’d like the druid to be in 🙂
      I’m guessing if I put a bit more time into her I would eventually work out what strips my mana and how much I can spam before she gets low.

  7. I’m so bad at managing the mana! I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong, or what it is, but I don’t really like mana now. It was so easy when I was a lowbie, but now at 86 my bar is emptied so quickly.

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