Thoughts on the first week of 25m raiding

With the reset tonight that brings an end to our first week of raiding as a 25m raid and my thoughts are mixed but I am quite possibly leaning, based on this weeks experience, to not being a fan of 25m. Hopefully a few more weeks will bring better results and a bit more familiarity so my views on it may change. However, these are my initial thoughts.


There’s a s a combination of reasons why I’m not a fan. It ranges from  little things like I’m used to Vuhdo being quite large when there are only 10 panels, so I’m going to  have to have a play with the sizing of Vuhdo and become comfortable with a smaller layout because 25 panels takes up a lot of screen space.

And some bigger things; organising 25 people is like herding cats. Pulls take a lot longer to organise; someone always wants to go afk for some reason. We’ve gone from a group that doesn’t take breaks in our raid times to having a lot of breaks and this is probably something that will iron out in time but still it’s incredibly frustrating to hear someone want to go for a smoke or someone has to go grab a drink right after what feels like a break a pull ago. It really adds up. Maybe I’ve got spoilt being with 10 people who like to just stay and raid for the raid time rather than take breaks.

Personalities – oh wow there are a lot more of them now obviously. Not everyone is as easy-going as the original 10. We ended up with some drama last night when one of the new raiders was obviously unhappy with the progression and decided to address this by deciding he would be a better raid leader; however he wasn’t very constructive in that his style of leading was to make himself the only voice that could be heard, speaking over the actual raid leader  during the pulls and  to throw a lot of F words around at the  raid with a lot of negative and angry comments about the abilities of players after wipes. He ended up being removed part of the way through the raid but stayed long enough on vent to spew some particularly vile comments. Honestly the attitude he was spouting last night I don’t understand. Our original team raided heroic progression in ToT and despite frustration abounding at time, we never spoke to each other in the way that this person seemed to think it was appropriate to speak.

Progression – this is a tough one. We’re stuck on 25m on the 9th boss. So I guess for a new team that’s only just started in a 25m format 8 bosses in the first week is possibly quite good. However, we’ve been on this boss for 2 nights now and in the 10m format he was down after 3 pulls so from that respect it’s not good. 25 people should mean that there are enough ppl to stand in what needs to stand in and avoid what needs to not be stood in and to dispel at the right time but it didn’t seem to happen that way at all. It was only on the last couple of pulls that we got incredibly close ~2% wipes on the last 2 attempts of the night and both times they ended to a bad dispel in the stacked raid causing a raid wipe.  Tbh this is a big point in my books, what is the point of doing 25m format if we can’t clear content that our 10m not only cleared but did so with a lot of ease.

Too many healers – I guess this is something that will come in time but after so many months of raiding with the same 2 healers I got to know when they would use an ability or what action they would likely take and plan my actions/cds around them and they were probably doing the same. And when we were 2 healing the content it was even easier because I only really had to think about 1 other healer and what they might do. Now I have 5 other people to consider and when half of them don’t talk on vent or call putting down a big cd or if they aren’t in range of someone or whatnot,  the tiny things that the 3 of us were used to calling to each other,  it’s a bit frustrating.

That also leads into too many people in general, 10 people on vent even if they are chatty are not overwhelming. However with 25; there are some very chatty people who seem to want to comment on everything and it just comes across as a bit too much at times.

So that pretty much wraps up how I feel about 25m raiding so far. Really not a fan in these early days but as I do like my guild and my original raid team I’m willing to stick it out longer, it really is only early days and it will probably take a few weeks to settle in. It will be interesting to see what I think of 25 in a few weeks time. I’ll let you know.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on the first week of 25m raiding

  1. So is the 25 man a permanent change? Or will you guys run 10 and 25 in parallel?
    I’m sorry your first week wasn’t a great one. That guy that got kicked sounded just delightful! I do hope it improves for you over time. A lot of it really does come to getting used to some new personalities. We’re having that in our new team ourselves, but we’ve only got 10 people to contend with – not 25! Hopefully it will calm down. 🙂

    • It appears to be permanent though tonight we went in as our old 10m as we were the only ones online (tonight isn’t a normal raid night but seeing its reset night we figured we may as well try) and ended up clearing up to Seigecrafter when the restart stopped us.
      I guess all I can do is give it time but I’m thinking I might perfer the feel of 10man so only time will tell how I feel about it in the long run 🙂

    • The coloured ones on the left is my raid frames, I probably can make them smaller they are just the default Eluvi size and the green in the middle is my vuhdo healing addon frames

        • Ask away though I certainly don’t know half of what vuhdo can do but I find it amazing. Beyond just the ease of using keyclicks to get heals onto people fast it lets me see who has my hots on them, eg. I can see the 5 or 6 people that have been hit by wild growth or who has a rejuv rolling on them (in the photo above, the red bar on the top of the players panel is rejuv, so you can see it slide down as the time left of rejuv runs out and the blue bar in the middle is wildgrowth so I can see at a glance who wild growth hit.. used to drive me crazy seeing a pet’s panel get that bar on it, so glad they fixed that in 5.4. I also have it so that some things come up with an icon of the spell like Lifebloom and the amount of stacks it has with a countdown timer on how long the hot has left to tick.
          From a different perspective – my paladin’s set up so I can see things like who has eternal flame on them or who is affected by Illuminated healing.

          My druid’d vudho is also set up that I can see other people’s hots like eternal flame or prayer of mending if they drop onto a player.

          Being able to see buffs and debuffs like the barrier on the malkorak or shield on tortos is so easy and great. But I really only scratch the surface of what vuhdo can do, the more you look into the more there is to learn. It’s an amazing tool.

      • Why do you need both though? I just use vuhdo as my raidframes. I don’t take the time I should on alts to set it up properly, but that’s all I use. I do notice that I need to figure out better how to handle fights where you need to heal non raid members ( ie the boss or adds or whatever).

        • I keep the raid frames mainly because I haven’t got everything set up on vudho – I haven’t keybound a function to vuhdo to target someone so I still click on the raid frames ( I also find it easier to pick someone out on the raid frames rather than searching through vuhdo) and also because I find there are some things that come up on the raid frames that dont come up on vudho like certain debuffs or effects.
          I guess these reasons could be reactified if I actually put more time into putting thees things onto vuhdo.

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