Alt Week – Paladin

I’m late I know, we’re currently into Priest week which I’ll post about tomorrow  but I had better play catch up first.

My Paladin has been around for ages but she only reached 90 a few months ago. She started out as a Human and I levelled her really sporadically. I always wanted a holy pally so that was her end goal. However, she was pretty much levelled as ret.

paladin 1

When she reached 80 I decided to level cap her so I could start to gear her up for the Herald of the Titans achievement. I think she stayed at 80 for nearly 8 months and I never actually got around to running her through any raids to get her the gear she needed so when I recruit-a-friend boosted a priest to level 80, I decided to uncap the Paladin and level them both to 90 together.  She also had a race change to blood elf which I have to admit I much prefer mainly because I really like the Horde Paladin horse more.

paladin 2

Since hitting 90 she’s been played solely as Holy though I have to drop into ret spec if I want to quest on her which is pretty infrequent. I don’t really enjoy melee dps if I’m entirely honest so I  avoid having to do anything that requires a spec change now. So that means she hasn’t been over to the new Timeless Isle and she tends to avoid questing or queuing for scenarios. She has been getting a fair bit of played time this week as I’ve been levelling blacksmithing on her. Only 100 more pieces of  Saronite to mine then I can level the craft high enough to take me over to Cataclysm content. She’s been planting ore on her farm for the past few weeks so hopefully I won’t have to do much mining when she finally gets to Pandaria.

I’m enjoying her as Holy though I have a long way to go before I feel super comfortable on her. She has too many different types of hand spells; hand of sacrifice, hand of salvation, hand of protection. I really need to get what spell is what clear in my head and clear on my vuhdo keybindings. I did want her to be my main healing alt so I have another healer to run alt stuff on when my druid is capped or already done content but I’m not 100% sold on if I like pally healing enough to make her my main alt.


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