Alt Week – Priest

Priests are another of my favourite classes to play and I have two at 90 and a few low levels dotted around the place. My 90s are Falu and Talarial.

Falu was my second toon I ever made.  She started life as a Draenei though I was never fully happy with her as a Draenei and she quickly got changed to a Night Elf when I started raiding on her because the Nelf Racial; Shadowmeld + Mass Resurrection saved a ton of long run backs after a wipe.

priest 1 priest 3

When  I started her I knew that I wanted her as a healer so I made her holy and because I had a number of people tell me that it wasn’t viable to level in holy spec and I should level in shadow and change to holy later, it made me dig my feet in and decide to level her the entire way as holy.  I’m stubborn like that. But levelling her as holy was amazingly fun and even if she didn’t kill very fast she was very survivable and  the only thing that would kill me was if my mana was to run out before the mobs died. Now I know how amazingly good disc is for dpsing, any subsequent priests get made  as disc spec. She stayed as my alternate main for a long while and I raided casually in Cata on her. She ended up being the 2nd toon to 90 and I raided on her as well as the druid. But once I went horde on my main she got put on the shelf and left alone for a bit. She’s my alliance enchanter and tailor so it’s unlikely she will be made horde.

My 2nd 90 priest is Talarial.


When I was doing recruit-a-friend I had levels to spend from levelling up my 2nd druid and warrior together so I made another priest as they are one of my favourite toons and levelled it to 40 and then instantly granted the levels to her so I had an 80 priest straight away. When I moved my main horde I  decided I wanted an enchanter/tailor on horde side and I didn’t want to move Falu horde as I wanted to leave a couple of my 90s as Alliance so I transferred the priest over and finished levelling her as a blood elf.

 This time I decided to level her as shadow which I find pretty enjoyable now. Her main role is simply to be a profession toon though every now and again I think about how much fun a holy priest. For alt week I’ve been spending a lot of time on Talarial and got her ilvl up high enough that she can go into SoO lfr. I realised that I really do like holy priest healing, it’s the closest healing style to druid in my mind so I might re-learn holy  and start to build her up a little as my healing alt.

My 3rd priest that I jump on regularly is my tiny explorer Trisella.She currently spends her days on the sunny beaches of Stranglethorn Vale where she has the role of levelling pets from level 1 to level 7 via pet battles with Bill. I have plans of her exploring her way around the world at low levels but atm she’s happy babysitting the babies.

priest 2

I made her because I wanted to have a toon in the Convert to Raid guild. Convert to Raid is a podcast I listen to fairly regularly and it’s pretty great there are a whole ton of linked guilds made just from fans of the show but apart from that brief interest I haven’t actually put any significant time into levelling her and I log onto her only to do her daily pet battle.

Priest would have to be my favourite class next to Druid.


6 thoughts on “Alt Week – Priest

  1. My priest is the toon I leveled intending to stay a healer. I’ve been playing him as disc, but I’ll have to try holy at some point. He hasn’t been getting as much play time lately as I’ve been working on finishing off my “one of every class before halloween” goal that I set for myself. Maybe now that is done I’ll find some time to play him more. I’ve thought about changing more of my other toons to healers at least as offspec. Now that it’s so easy to get geared enough to start ToT LFR on alts maybe I can give them all a heals set of gear too to use up some of those timeless tokens. I’ll have to actually learn how to play them as heals though. So many specs to try and remember how to play!

    • Oh I saw your broadcast that you got one of every class, I’ve been hoping to catch up with you to say Grats! :).
      You’re right about how many different specs to play and remember them all lol. I think thats why I like holy so much, it is quite similar to a druid. Well the closest out of all the healers I have. I just need to stop healing ppl when they dont need it bc i’m used to on my druid any overhealing still being useful – the hots tick and it goes to mushrooms etc.

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