WTB: WoW Mojo

Title says it all, I’ve lost my mojo. I’m logging on, planting vegetables to make food for those infernal neverending noodlecarts, raiding and logging off.

Maybe putting words here will inspire me to start writing again.


21 thoughts on “WTB: WoW Mojo

  1. I’m right there with you, I log in for profession cooldowns each day. Maybe dawdle around then log to play other games unless there is something going on in WoW. CD’s and raiding!

    If you find that mojo, lemme know 😛 I hope you are enjoying other games like I am though!

    • I think if i was playing other games I mightn’t notice my lack of mojo that much but I cna’t really find the enthusiasm to log onto other games either.

  2. I feel exactly the same, except I can’t be bothered to do my farm, and I don’t raid. I essentially would log on and just run around the place – unless we organised pvp or I actually felt like leveling. I have recently thought about seriously leveling my DK so a bit of my WoW mojo is coming back. Writing my blog helps because I need to actually achieve something interesting for people to read. I think my major turning point will be BlizzCon and announcements etc, I will likely be fangirling about it and excitement will be up. I’ll work out the toon I want to level first, check out the changes and all that good stuff.

    • Maybe it’s just that point in the xpansion, I don’t know. It feels silly feeling lost but wow is such a huge part of my day to day stuff that not wanting to log on is just weird. I did play a rogue for a little bit the other day which was really fun. I really do like levelling, strange as it might be – seeing the old zones etc – I should spend more time on her but then I feel like I’m neglecting my 90s and I should be off farming and fishing and cooking etc.
      Blizzcon and announcements should be really good 🙂

      • Yeah I know what you mean, however neglect for 90’s is essentially what I do. I level them and then level another, and another, and another. My Lock is probably my most loved being 506ilvl, otherwise they’re all pretty much Timeless Isle geared! I think next xpac I will make it my goal to stick to one character, but the problem is I don’t know what I want to do with my time. I have a good guild who are friendly and allow me to be a social member, but I can’t make raids unless it’s the Sunday flex one, and if I was to raid one day a week it wouldn’t be worth it. Pvp however is easier as I can do it when I want, but I don’t feel like I achieve much out of it, compared to raiding where you get progression, gear, achievements and just the feeling of unity taking down a boss. Other than that it’s just doing exactly what I do now and that could get boring really quick! I wouldn’t feel silly about feeling lost – heck I’ve found myself upset over the blasted game! 😛

  3. I sometimes feel like that. I’ve occasionally logged in, stood in one place for 30 mins or so, then just logged off. However, I don’t think it’s the lack of something to do .. more the lack of being bothered to do it.

    The Auction House usually ends up spurring me into activity .. I’ll need to upgrade something, see the cost of the upgrade and think “damn, I could make that myself if my was the right level” … so off I go to level it. At the moment it’s my rogue, who is my sole skinner/LW and box opener … and I go to the Timeless Isle on other characters and see all that leather waiting to be collected *sigh* by the time I get there, it will all be gone ….

    • You’re definately right about it being the lack of being bothered rather than the lack of content. I can think of so much I could/should be doing :). Oh the timeless isle tokens are mounting up, I keep tucking them away and think hmmm I need that dk at 90 because she now has a full set and oh I have so much mail, a hunter would be useful here 🙂

  4. I wonder if it is the change in your raiding environment that is causing it? I say pick another alt and have some fun without the worry of raiding. I have been having fun playing the newer alts, and ignoring some of my more senior characters. I still wish I could play with you Aussies outside of dungeons without having to roll a toon on your server.

    • You know, you could be right. We’ve all been so focused on raiding up to 6 nights a week the past few weeks to get Garrosh down and add in flex that I think all I’ve been doing in the game is raiding, raiding prep and then more raiding. I also have been thinking why have my alts if I’m not going to be raiding on them. Maybe I need a little step back from raiding and remember my alts are for fun.
      I wish you could be in the outside world too, I see my US friends log on and would love to be able to go muck around on the isle or something with you:)

    • Reading all the comments is actually making me more interested in playing strangely enough. It’s good to hear that we all go through these phases and now I want to jump in a play a bit more. In an annoying twist though the computer my wow is on is being used by someone else atm right when I want to get on and play wow. So frustrating 🙂

    • Well actually I was looking a friend’s pandaran monk and she looks so pretty in her dress so I decided I want a panda girl to dress up. I don’t want to race change any of my toons though so that leaves me a rogue or a hunter that I can make on my home realm without doubling up. I think I’ll make a Panda hunter – the mail dresses are quite pretty though I’m wondering if I’ll actually like a hunter in a dress. I don’t like my Nelf hunter in a dress but pandas look so cute maybe I’ll make an exception.

  5. When I started reading this last night I though you lost your “Mojo” frog and was immediately going to log on to see if I had a spare and if I could cage it. Then I realized that wasn’t the kind of mojo you were talking about lol. I’ve been feeling like that myself the last few weeks and my blog is def paying the price for it. Here’s to us all finding our mojo again!

    • Oh that is such a kind thought 🙂 I did actually think that ppl might immediately think of the frog with that title because tbh mojo the frog is usually the first thought I have when I hear the word mojo :). Fingers crossed we all find it again.

  6. I think there might be a lot of that going around. I think it’s the eve of Blizzcon blues. We know what happened in Pandaria, what’s next? I have high hopes for exciting news from the conference, got my fingers crossed!

    Right now I’m working on getting my Monk leveled and the motivator is that she’s my engineer, the last profession I don’t have since I stupidly deleted one somewhere in the mid 70’s.

    So I’m hoping we’ll all get our mojo back from Blizzcon.

    • You could be right, I think this expansion is far from over content wise – there are still a lot of things to do – but we do know the ending and I know I’m eager to see what happens next. I’d really love to know what happens to Pandaria as we move into the new expansion. I wonder if it will get fixed or not.

      I need to finish levelling Blacksmithing on my pally, BS is the last profession I don’t have and I would like that achievement for having all the professions. I’d also like to level First Aid on my druid just so she has all the secondary’s maxed out but the idea of farming all the cloth that is needed for bandages is a little offputting.

  7. Over the years I’ve lost my WoW mojo several times and I tend to get periods where I don’t log in at all for a week. But usually it comes back after a while, atleast some of it. 🙂

    • 🙂 I know it will come back, its just odd to be feeling this way particularly since there’s a new raid in its infancy and I love raiding usually so I thought I’d stay excited for ages.

    • lol you’re never annoying Navi, feel free to say anything. Sorry about flex the other night I completely got sidetracked and didn’t log onto wow at all. I’ve come down with a crappy cold so maybe that explains some of it. see you online soon 🙂

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