2 heroic bosses

Since getting past Garrosh, we’ve managed to kill the first 2 heroic bosses of SoO. Immeserus is a fight I really dislike for some reason and on heroic it’s not any better. It’s not a particularly difficult fight and the mechanic change isn’t that significant but I just find that having to target and heal the adds feels painful. Regrowth doesn’t seem to really do much and if I don’t have a 5 stack Sage Mender so I can do an instant cast healing touch on the add I’m lucky to get more than one down.

Lag on Immeserus in 25 is horrible for me. Our strat is we all stack for the add phase which results in a heap of sha puddles in one place which just freaks out my computer and I’m often stuck in place hearing DBM shouting that I’m standing in bad but unable to move, luckily I don’t actually die but its annoying. I’ve found to get over that bit, I  need my graphics setting  set to low and the raid just looks like a blue mist. Luckily its really only that fight so far that upsets my settings. Maybe I need to beg santa for a gaming computer for Christmas.

We got Protectors down the other night. That fight I actually like apart from one mechanic, the noxious poison which gets put down can be masked really well by druid’s efflorescence and on heroic even dipping a toe in the pool can be enough to kill instantly. The two of us druids in the raid had a chat about what we could do to make the circles and poison a less crappy combination and decided we needed to be really careful at watching for poison pools and then moving our circles away as soon as we saw it, we love that people trust our circles but on that fight, it’s dangerous.

I have to admit that with efflo circles being up almost 100% now and the fact we use them to mark where we want people to stack has meant our raid has got really good at standing in them,  so on farm bosses if I’m a little bored I’ll move my circle around  and see if I can make anyone move with it. Evil I know 🙂

Last night was progression on Norushen. One thing I’ve really noticed about 25m compared to 10man is just how hard it is to organise so many people, everyone really wants to do their own thing. Obvious but still surprising :). So we spent a good part of the night getting the right people to take the corruption orbs instead of running away from them and trying to keep the dps away from picking it up so that they could do maximum damage on the boss. High levels of corruption mean reduced dps on the boss and with a 7min enrage timer there really isn’t any room for wasting dps. Finally our attempts became smoother and we juggled the number of dps going into the other realm to purify themselves in order to drop their corruption with how many adds we could handle that spawn from that phase and we had a 0.8% wipe at Beserk.. heartbreaking.

A few more crappy attempts and it was nearly 12.30am which is end of raid time so we had our final attempt and Beserk killed us with a  0% wipe!!. Omg the screams of frustration echoed across vent and skype. It ended up being only about 6million health the boss had left so basically we just needed one more dps in the purify rotation.

0 wipe

I’m seriously tossing up HoTW for that fight. I normally stay away from it preferring Nature’s Vigil as I get far more healing throughput from it as I can use it a number of times in one fight as opposed to the once or maybe twice  (depending on when I go into the purify realm) I get from HoTW but I’m wondering if the dps boost will help. We 5 heal the fight and by the end of that last attempt I think most of the healers were actually dpsing rather than healing to try to get it down. So so frustrating. I’ll try it on our next attempt. I think Monday will just be a rush through on normal as we still have a  few people who can do with 4 sets and more gear from normal so we probably won’t get back to him until Wedendsay next week.


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