Exploring in Rift a little

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Rift lately. It’s a Free 2 Play  MMO and it’s surprisingly pretty good. It’s a little similar to WoW but it has enough changes to make it feel like a brand new game.

The graphics are beautiful and really detailed.

rift mage

My baby mage

There are four classes you can play; Mage, Warrior, Cleric and Rogue but each class has so many different specs that you can talent into that it feels like there is a massive variety of classes to choose from.

So far I’ve been playing around on a Mage who is specced into a talent choice that allows her to heal by dealing damage. If I was going to compare it to wow I’d have to say it’s a combination of druid and disc priest. I also get a companion on that class so she has a tanking pet with her all the time which makes questing really fun.

The other class I’ve tried out is a Rogue but I’ve taken talents/roles that make her essentially a hunter.

rift 2

This is the class I’m playing the most but she’s still quite low,currently she’s around level 26. With level cap being at 6o, there’s a ton of playing to go.

  rift 4

Despite being a F2P I’m pretty surprised how little there seems to be a push to buy credits with real money. Earing money is fairly easy so you’re able to buy mounts and bags relatively easily though I’m sure there are a ton of things I could spend real money on to buy.

Some of the best things that I’ve wished to see in wow are in this game

  • ability to hide pieces of armor, especially shoulders!
  • crafting from your bank and handing in quest items that are in your bank
  • any quest item you have to pick up in the world go into a separate inventory so you don’t have bags cluttered up with items

One really fun thing this game has, you get a small gift one a day when you log on. It’s not usually that much of a big deal, usually containing an artificat (similar to an archeology piece in wow) but there is always the chance it will contain a rare item from the store. I love the surprise of getting a gift each day, Christmas every day!

One thing that does amuse me to no end though is the ongoing general channel discussions about Rift vs WoW. Some people get so passionate about how bad WoW is; hence why they are on Rift, I just have to laugh at them. I adore WoW but it’s really nice to be able to appreciate and play something else now and again. You certainly don’t have to fall into the one or the other camp that I see the discussions revolving around.

Rift also has dynamic world events that randomly pop up meaning each time you go through a zone you can find something new.

rift 3

This is a really pretty and fun game and I can see it taking my attention for a while as I explore the new world I’ve found myself in.


2 thoughts on “Exploring in Rift a little

  1. As a veteran Rifter, who is also a veteran WoWer, I find the gameplay for Rift more alluring. Gameplay up till level cap is pretty relax and casual- alot of fun too just experiencing the atmosphere and instances. However, the game takes a hard turn at end game. As a ex-hardcore raider myself this was great. Simply put, end game experts dungeons and raids are do or die. There is no casual raiding in Rift and each player is required to know mechanics and perform their class at their best or suffer the rage of the group. This game’s end game equates to BC era WoW. The barrier to raiding and gearing is quite high, every piece of gear upgrade and tight timers/mechanics will result in wipe if not everyone is performing. For me, I recently quit RIFT due to incompatibility of raid times. All raids, if you want any kind of progression, require at least 3 nights a week and 4 hour sessions. Unfortunately because of the raid system, and limited population at end game, I had to quit recently. All the raid guilds raid during primetime, and people with family who can only raid after hours and weekends preferred, such as myself are out of luck. This is a huge contrast to WoW with multiple guilds in different timezones and difficulties to smoothly transition different players and different paces. The barrier to raiding is high, gearing is a lot of RNG and grinding rep for essences is nearly essential to being accepting into raiding. For those who have time and the ability to devote those hours, the feeling of accomplishment downing a boss is very high. For those of us who are… looking for a game we can play to suite our times and family friendly, end game raiding is not here for us.

    • Thats pretty interesting about the end game. Tbh I haven’t actually considered raiding in this game. I think with the time and effort I put into my druid on wow I don’t really want to try to keep that up for two games and two completely different toons.
      I’ve tried a few dgns in Rift, they are good but apart from the amazing scenary they haven’t really grabbed me yet. That might change at 60 but for now I think I’ll keep it as a casual game to run around and level and explore in with no real plans to raid at end game.

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