Getting closer.. Blizzcon 2013


It’s almost here and I’m getting excited. I decided to buy virtual tickets this year so I can see what it looks like. I’m excited but still seriously jealous of those that are going in real life. Mostly how great would it be to catch up in real life with people that you talk and play without a computer screen between  you all.

With my rather dodgy time conversion skills (love that my phone allows me to have dual time zones showing, it saves a fair bit of conversion for shutdowns) I think I’m going to have to be up at around 6am Saturday 9th here to catch the opening ceremony. That’s fairly doable.

There’s lots of blog posts coming with speculation and wish lists. I have no idea what I really would like to see in the game, I’m just really interested to see what the new expansion is bringing. I’m still sticking by my initial idea that we’ll be back in Outland or something related to it with a Sylvanas heavy content.. guess we’ll find out in a short while.

I just logged into wow and had mail.. my pet for buying a ticket has already arrived. I wasn’t expecting him until after Blizzcon starts. Very cute.



5 thoughts on “Getting closer.. Blizzcon 2013

  1. Oh no, I was pretty happy as if I’ve done the conversion correctly I have a comfortable 2:00pm for the opening ceremony. I am so excited about watching it I don’t know what I’d do if I was actually there, lol.

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