Blizzcon – a community united

Ok so its 1am and instead of sleeping I’m laying here thinking of World of Warcraft and what an amazing game it is because of the way it creates and maintains its own community.

My day started around 6am this morning when I got up in time to see the opening ceremony of Blizzcon 2013 and I was eagerly scanning the crowd when the camera panned over them because I knew so many people who I talk with through their blogs and twitter feeds were attending today, ignore the fact I have no idea what they look like irl, it was exciting to see faces and wonder if they are Navi or Matty etc.

Then the really exciting bit started; as I’m watching Blizzcon, tweets start to pop up and OMG I recognised Batinna‘s name; wow her blogging is great but seeing her name on TV (I had my computer tower attached to the TV so I could lie on the couch and watch at the same time)… she’s now famous as Mr and Mrs Wow put it. So from then on it was one eye on TV, one eye on the twitter feed coming in on my phone (man I’d be lost without technology hey). And it was so fun seeing people tweet about what I was watching at the same time.

Is there anything else like it in the world.. hint the answer should be no… seriously what an amazing event to bring together people who are so passionate about this game. I can’t wait to read over the next few days all the thoughts that people are having about what Blizzcon has revealed and add my thoughts out there in wowland.

Ok,  1am sentimentality over, I need to go to sleep so I can get up at 5am to watch the Live Raid tomorrow morning.

Night all.

Happy Blizzcon


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