What to do before Warlords hits

If I was looking for something to bring my wow mojo back the announcement of the new expansion was just what I needed. Warlords of Draenor looks really interesting both from a lore perspective as well as the changes to the game that were announced. But I have to say I find the name a bit difficult to shorten; WoD just sounds, to my ears anyway, dumb regardless of whether you sound out the letters or say WoD as a word. Cata, MoP, Wrath all worked when shortened but WoD… really? Maybe Lords will stick or something.

But the changes that look pretty good so far are definitely the changes to the inventory. Being able to craft from your bank is something I’ve wanted to see for ages and finally it’s coming. Having a separate inventory for quest items will also be nice especially if I don’t want to hand in quests straight away, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve deleted quest items from my bags because I was out of room and then had to go back and do the quest again.

A free level 90, omg what do I want? I could finally get a rogue without actually having to level one, but that means I’d have a lvl 90 rogue with no idea how to play it. Or I could put my favourite class on a server with friends so I don’t have to level too much.. I’m looking at you level 22 something druid sitting untouched for months on Saurfang.

New Character models, I really can’t wait to see what Troll looks like. The changes to the model’s they showed looked amazing. I’m seriously considering changing my Night Elf Priest to a Dwarf Priest in the next expansion because the Dwarf girl model looks amazing.


There is so much I want to do before the expansion comes out and I know there’s been no release date but it’s sure to sneak up on us, so what do I really want to get through.

  • Finish Pandaria loremaster. I seem to have hardly quested in a number of zones on my druid seeing I levelled mostly through running dungeons and just the starting quests of the zones so this might take a while.. note to me; next expac – actually take my time through the quests so I can see the stories.
  • Do as many Pandaria achievements as possible, timeless isle, isle of thunder etc before the new zones start taking up all my time and attention
  • Do Outland loremaster on my druid, I’ve never seen it from horde side and while it’s a new expansion I’d like to know as much about Outland as possible before we go back to a pre-Outland.


How great does this map look, all the familar zones renamed and re-landscaped.

  • Clear out all my various guild banks of pre-mop stuff so I have lots of room for new stuff without feeling the need to make another guild bank… hording is not attractive.
  • Get my remaining alts to 90 – warrior, dk, alliance druid.
  • Go back and do the quests that give novelty items on an alt that hasn’t done and deleted them in the name of space saving already.. i.e. the Puntable Marmot. If there really is going to be a separate tab for novelty toys, I want them all.

I’ll have to make a big to-do list so I can update it as I go.

What’s on your list of pre-expansion goals?


8 thoughts on “What to do before Warlords hits

  1. Level characters would be a big one.. If I am going to have a free 90 it’ll be from scratch and probably Horde. Likely to be Barthilas actually as I have a 70 pally & 40 something mage on there as Horde 😛 Depends what the bf wants to do regarding characters etc! Especially since I’d love to RAF, I have no idea why, and level a Horde toon again, just not on Khaz as I have no space on there at all. Was kind of hoping we’d get a new character slot so altwhores like me can be like WEEEE second whatever class! 😛 I’ll likely sort out my bank, and get rid of rings and neck pieces etc that have no sentimental value (ie def keeping Onyxia lvl 60 ring) but will leave my transmog stuff until I know that I can change the look in the expansion. I know there was limitations with that system, but haven’t checked and would hate to assume the look would be available and then xpac rolls around and oh… have fun collecting shit again! Professions are somewhat sorted, so really it’s leveling as the main one 😛

    • Oh Barth is a great idea 🙂 I want to do RAF since I noticed today you can get the Zehavra again.. I love that mount so much.
      I can’t wait for the heirloom tab, I have half my heirlooms sitting on Aman’thul and half on Barth and the toons I want to level are over on Aerie Peak, Saurfant and Emerald Dream, they might finally get levelled if I have the incentive of heirlooms.
      I need to finish levelling blacksmithing and I’ll be good with the professions too.

  2. I’ve been wondering what to do with that instant level 90 and you’ve given me an idea. I’ll wait to see the new character models and decide from that. Maybe a Troll Druid. It’s going to have to be a class I already know. I can’t even figure out plate wearers with 90 levels of play. It would be certain death to boost one straight to 90, lol.

  3. Toys rewarded from a quest or achievement you may not have to re-earn as they said if there’s a way they can tell you earned it they should be able to give it to you, (kinda of like they did when achievements were first introduced in BC).

    I can’t wait to find out what realms are going to be combined with mine. Although with the new heirlooms window I’ll probably wait to actually level more toons. It would be nice to plan so that additional toons would still be on the same “realm” though. I have an unused Battle Chest key waiting to do another round of RaF again.

    • I didn’t realise that about possibly being able to get toys back, that would be so handy.
      I’m really leaning towards doing RAF again just for that mount. I’ll have to look into the terms again, not sure if I want to have to buy it all the way up to Lords just for the mount.

  4. The level 90 Rogue doesn’t have to be a problem. You don’t get all your abilities at once. Blizzard said once you start playing your insta level 90 character you’ll have an on rails experience first where most of your abilities are unlocked, in hopes of educating you a bit.

    As for me, I just got my Paladin alt to level 90, and I’m now in the progress of gearing him slowly. And at the same time doing the Legendary quest, finishing Panda quests, and poking around with pet battles. Sweet sweet relaxed approach. Wii…

    • Oh I didnt realise that about not getting all your abilities at once. That’s a good idea so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the spells at once. I still can’t decide what I want, I guess I have plenty of time to think about it.
      Grats on 90 for you Pally :). I’ve been finishing off the panda quests on my druid, seeing all the stories is really good.

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