RAF Mounts

There has been changes to the Recruit-a-Friend program that are seriously making me want to RAF again. Once the RAF new account pays for 2 months of game time, the veteran RAF gets their choice of mounts or pets from a selection of previous RAF and events that aren’t available anymore.

I really love the look of the Zehevra which is from Wrath RAF. I’ve always been really envious of this mount whenever I saw it and being able to get one through RAF isΒ  seriously seriously making me want one.


You can also get pets from past events; almost as good as the Zehevra is the Golden Pig pet from the New Year’s Celebration event on the Chinese servers in 2008. I want all the rewards.

golden pig

Seeing Blizz finding ways of bringing back older unobtainable models make me wonder if there’s ever a chance of owning this mount.pvp 14

One of my guildies was on this mount the other night and I instantly fell in love. It’s from winning ranked PvP matches from Season 14 so there’s no way I’ll ever own it unless it is brought back somehow.


10 thoughts on “RAF Mounts

  1. I like that they’ve brought back some of the mounts and pets. It’s a great incentive to get players to invite friends (or let’s face it – make a second account for a couple months) to the game. I still wish they would fix the Scroll of Resurrection, though.

    Having said that, I actually am going to go against myself and say they need to keep some pets and mounts retired. To me, it’s nice to see the rare items that I have or can never have. It’s the result of some hard work or experience that should remain unique. I realize the game evolves and changes, but I would just like some of those things to be what they are. It’s part of the reason I wasn’t disappointed when the Troll Mounts were (briefly) taken out, even though I couldn’t get the Tiger mount to even drop, lol.

    • Scroll of Res would be nice, I’m being teased by it atm because it keeps offereing to send scrolls to people who are currently active on my btag.
      Though a lot of what is speical to me is most often the look of the item not so much how uncommon it is I do see what you mean about it being nice that some items are rarer than others. I do like that some items are much much rarer than other but I still would love to own them. I like that you can have the chance to buy really rare pets now they can be caged, perhaps mounts might go that way – they can still be in circulation but not so common they lose being special.

      • I actually received a SoR a few months ago from my wife and was told I was not eligible. Basically, you had to be inactive before February 2012 to qualify or something of that nature. The end result was that the program is outdated by more than a year. Not exactly the best way to go about bringing players back.

  2. Buy the game code in a couple weeks when it will be on sale for $5 instead of the normal $20. Even if you don’t use it right away you can hang onto it till you are ready to do RaF.

    • Ooh not a bad idea at all πŸ™‚ I might have to do that. I’m thinking I’m going to move the two toons I use on the 2nd account I have from last RAF to my main account and let it lapse so then I can get a new one just for the Zehevra πŸ™‚

      • Or just level new toons on your main account using the new RaF to save yourself the transfer fees.

        I plan on doing the RaF again, but I wanted to wait to see what servers get merged with any of mine so I know where to level. Has your server been merged yet?

        • Not a bad idea about putting the toons on my main account. I just have to chose a server, I don’t really want to level on Barth but tbh if I don’t then I’ll be annoyed i can’t access my herilooms and gold etc unless I go alliance and aman’thul. I’ll chose when I actually do it.

          No my server hasn’t been merged yet. I’m not sure when it will be, it’s a really big population realm but its very inbalanced, lots of horde hardly any alliance, so it might get merged. Do you know if they are merging all the realms or just low pop ones?

          • I think it’s only lower pop. My servers almost always classify as medium. My main server showed up on the list of merges finally, but unfortunately I didn’t really luck out and have it be two of my servers merging. I’ll have to look into the other server when I get a chance.

            In 5.4.2 you can mail heirlooms so it shouldn’t be a deciding factor anymore. The gold and mats still matters though so that’s why I’m hoping to get merged with a couple of servers. Ideally I’d like all my toons on one merged server cluster, but doesn’t look like that will happen.

        • There you go the $5 sale is live now. Not sure if it will work for you where you live, but Gamestop is supposedly having a sale for BlackFriday that will give you everything for $10 instead of the $15 that Blizzard is putting it on sale for.

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