My Favourite 5 Man – Old Hillsbrad Foothills

This is definitely my favourite 5 man and I usually make a special trip down there fairly regularly to have a look around and remember how great this place is. You find the entrance in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, there is a portal from Dalaran to make it easier to get over there at higher levels. I remember finding the Caverns of Time on my mage as a brand new toon, when I was first questing through Tanaris before I had any idea of what the place actually was. I loved just looking around, it’s so spectacular looking with the space scenes outside the tunnel.

hillsbrad 3

The new map has the names of all the different instances marked on it which makes it a lot easier to find the right dungeon entrance now.

hillsbrad 4

What I love about this place is not the actual main story, which is also pretty great. The main story revolves around when Thrall was imprisoned in the orc concentration camp and you have to rescue him and work your way through the instance with him. As part of the dungeon you get turned into a human.

But that’s not why I come here, I come here to go down and see the characters at Southshore.

hillsbrad 16

Down here you’ll find Kel’Thuzad back when he was still part of the Kirin Tor and hasn’t yet been turned into a Lich.  You can find him now as  the final boss in Naxraamas. He’s here talking to his apprentice Helcular about his attempts at necromancy.

hillsbrad 12 hillsbrad 9hillsbrad 11

You’ll also find a very young Whitemane, Morgraine and Vishas. These characters all appeared in the original Scarlet Monastery dungeons and some are still in the new revamped versions.

hillsbrad 15

Venture into the inn and  you’ll find the really big names of WoW lore.

hillsbrad 6

They are working on a crystal that eventually gets crafted into The Ashbringer.

 hillsbrad 7

hillsbrad 8

There’s even a rare spawn; Don Carlos who spawns and patrols up and down the main road. He has the chance to drop his Famous Hat which summons a ghost coyote to you for as long as you wear the hat.

hillsbrad 14 hillsbrad 13

hillsbrad 1

This is definitely one of my favourite places in Azeroth and I really wish more of the dungeons had side lore and stories in it like this one. It’s an amazing place to come and celebrity watch, there are so many more npcs from WoW’s history that are in this instance.

hillsbrad 5

hillsbrad 2

What’s your favourite 5man? Leave me a comment or a link to your post, I’d love to read about it.


6 thoughts on “My Favourite 5 Man – Old Hillsbrad Foothills

  1. This is a definite contender for mine although I visit it for the same reasons you do. Will have to have a think this weekend to see if anything beats being able to watch Sally Whitemane run around or Captain Sanders talk about his ship.

  2. Prior to the re-vamp, Deadmines was my personal favourite. The first instance you usually encountered and a great flow to what was going on. Plus, it could turn into absolute chaos if one thing went wrong. These days? That’s a hard one. Probably Magister’s Terrace. It’s a beautiful “dungeon” and ties some of the late Burning Crusade stuff together. BRD would probably still be up there for me, too.

    • I love Mag Tce, it really is a beautiful dgn. BRD is always going to be a place of dread for me, I don’t think I’ll ever know my way around and even going in as a 90 for transmog or to get a non-attuned toon into Molton core is usually an expedition that ends in me doing countless map checks and the realisation that yet again I’m lost.

      • I went in there to get attuned for Onyxia. Which means, I went in there a LOT. And also had to wonder around the damn place. A LOT. Truth be told, I sometimes get more confused now that there’s a map. But I do still love it. I just hate the torch room, incessantly.

        • I haven’t been in there for ages, I think I should go back and have a look. I used to run it on all my toons to get the Orb of the Sindorei but since going horde and having 90% of my toons being blood elf already I haven’t been back 🙂

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