Playing on the Priest

My guild has started an alt run for  going into Seige of Orgrimmar on the weekends and this week I went along on my priest. We worked our way through the first 8 bosses without too much trouble but on Malkorok we got a bit stuck. It was a combination of factors that was holding us up but I noticed on that fight my healing  seemed a lot lower than it had been. I had read somewhere that disc was quite viable on that fight but seeing we were having trouble and since 2 out of the 3 healers  were disc I decided to go and change my shadow spec to holy during a break.  My healing as holy on that fight looked way better but it didn’t make too much of a difference to the outcome of the fight  as during the break we lost the 3rd healer and couldn’t replace them. We had a few attempts at 2 healing but there wasn’t really enough healing going out though we did get him to 16% on our best attempt.

One thing I really noticed going from disc to holy is that holy is so much more mana intensive and while I regemmed/reforged into mastery as opposed to the crit I was using for disc my spirit was too low and I kept going out of mana really fast. It’s a bit tricky because I want to keep the 2 healing specs for now but I don’t really have enough gear to have 2 distinct sets.  I do have some  duplicate raid finder items and when I swapped my priest out for my druid during last night’s  normal run on paragon’s  I was lucky enough to pick up 2 leg tier tokens so I have some pieces that are dedicated for each set.

I wanted to make a transmog that was different for each spec’s gear so it’s easy to see which set of gear I’m in but each set had to be something that coordinated with the shared pieces. I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. I’m not 100% sold on how the gloves or boots  match  but they can stay for now and hopefully she’ll pick up a few more pieces this week.

Priest Holy Priest Disc                        Holy                                                      Disc

  • Hero’s Circlet of Faith                Hero’s Circlet of Faith     
  • Hero’s Mantle of Faith               Hero’s Mantle of Faith
  • Elegant Robes                              Robes of Prophecy
  • Brightcloth Gloves                      Brightcloth Gloves
  • Sash of Mortal Desire                 Derevka’s Gleaming Girdle
  • Skydancer Boots                          Skydancer Boots
  • Hellscream’s War Staff               Hellscream’s  War Staff

I really like playing this toon and have been spending a lot of time on her lately. Luckily disc is still fairly effective as a dps spec though killing mobs on the Timeless Isle takes ages compared to shadow. I can also see quite a few trips into some of the older raids for  transmog runs in her future as my Night Elf priest has a pretty extensive transmog wardrobe and there’s quite a few pieces I’d like this priest to have.


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