Heirlooms and Pets

Patch 5.4.2 went live on the realms today and it means I can finally send my heirlooms across the realms. When I moved to Barthilas I left my heirlooms behind on Aman’thul not thinking I would want to level toons on a PvP server. The changes now mean it’ll be easier to level anywhere I want. It also means the stack of Timeless Isle tokens that I’ve been amassing on Barthilas toons can be sent over to the my 90s that are still on Aman’thul, who I haven’t been taking over to the Isle much at all.

First thing I did was to send my leather heirlooms over to my druid on Saurfang. She’s quite excited thinking this means she might finally get levelled.

heirlooms 2heirlooms 1 heirlooms

The other change I immediately noticed was the new button in the menu, it leads to the in-game shop. It was too irresistable to not buy a pet seeing some of them were on a 50% off sale.  So a lil Ragnaros joined the stable. When you buy a pet its delivered straight into your bags.

ingame store 2 ingame store 1

lil rag

Lucky I own most of the pet store pets already otherwise I could see me buying them up on a whim since you can get them so easily from the game’s interface.


4 thoughts on “Heirlooms and Pets

    • yay 🙂 My barthilas bank alt managed to offload a ton of timeless isle tokens to my new druid but all that bank space was filled up with heirlooms. I like having them all in one place, should make looking for them easier.

  1. Makes it easier to DE timeless items as well by sending them to toons cross server or cross faction to DE them. Now I just need an enchanter that can wear plate or mail. I need to do what Luxy did and collect all my heirlooms in one spot so I know what I have and what I still need. Maybe that new RaF account will come sooner than I thought.

    • I only have 2 cloth enchanters on my two realms so that’s a shame. But I can use the bank alt on aman’thul that doesn’t get much traffic to store the mounting pile of timeless isle tokens.

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