Purple Priesty Set

I love mogit. I can happily while away many hours planning and searching for the perfect outfit and it makes time in wow while waiting for people in raids so much easier;  very handy seeing tanks seem to be in short supply in lfrs lately. I usually end up with more sets made than I can possibly wear though but eventually I’m sure I’ll track down all the pieces for the sets I’ve come up with.

This is a set I do want to wear and soon. It’s built around the chest from a quest reward in 1000 needles and I didn’t realise when I came up with it, but the shoulders are from ICC on heroic 10man mode. I popped up to ICC and went in and quickly pulled up atlasloot to double-check the shoulders did drop from Professor Putricide only to find out they were a strange shade of yellow, not the spiky purple image I had at all.

After realising the shoulders were a heroic drop. I ran into my 2nd problem; my priest hadn’t killed the LK before so couldn’t enter on heroic. Luckily a call in guild chat found a friendly kingslaying guildie who was willing to come up and group with me and enter first so I could get in. Annoyingly the shoulder’s didn’t drop but my guildie had decided to stay with me for the entire run so we went on to kill the Lich King  and now I can go back in next week for another chance without having to find a buddy to sneak me in the front door.

Purple Priesty Set

(actually none of the pieces are priest specific so any clothy can wear this)

purple priest 1 purple priest 2


6 thoughts on “Purple Priesty Set

    • Actually when I made the set my priest still had her shadow spec and I was thinking it would look really good for shadow, all dark and smoky like her shadow form now she doesn’t have her shadow spec so it doesn’t fit as well but I still like the set. My lock would love this set, she loves all things purple because they match her voidwalker 🙂

    • tx 🙂 I may have to pick up my shadow spec again just for this outfit, actually thinking about it, I’ll probably have to pick up my shadow spec again just so I can go get the shoulders. I’m not sure if soloing ICC as a disc priest is going to work.

  1. I love MogIt as well. It’s such a great tool. And it leads to great transmog blog posts, like this one. 😀

    I really like this transmog. And that robe has been on my wish list for a long time. Some day I’ll pull myself together and go do the quest chain to get it. 🙂

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