By night one way, by day another

It was alt run for my priest  last night which I’m in two minds about. There is one particular annoying person in the run which makes it not as super fun with comments like “all content should be able to be two healed in here”and snipy comments on vent at wipes. For goodness sakes most of us are on alts with a lot lower ilvls than our mains and some of us don’t have the amazing cloaky goodness and in my case I don’t even have the meta; and they do add a lot of bonus healing. So that is a little frustrating having to listen to it. Raiding an extra two nights a week means I spend a lot of time staring at SoO bosses instead of off faffing around the world. But on the other hand I do like raiding and faffing gets old at times and being the only cloth spirit user saw her get a lot of gear last night so I don’t really want to turn around and say thanks for the gear guys but I’m out of here. I’ll stay with it for a bit longer and it would be exciting to see Garrosh go down for my priest. We’re currently progressing on Thok so I can’t see it being too far away hopefully. The downside is that I don’t get to run with Frostwolves in their flex run which I was really enjoying. At least they aren’t inflicted with me accidently pulling bosses or falling off things.

The only really annoying thing about it is that I find Malkarok really suits a holy priest but I like playing disc and the bubbles are great on most of the other fights so I respec holy simply for that one fight so far. But killing as disc when grinding mobs for rep or coins or in ICC looking for those amazing purple shoulders is so so slow. So I’ve had to come to a compromise; on Monday – Friday I’m a shadow/disc priest and on Saturday/Sunday I’m a holy/disc priest. I get so annoyed at that pompous priest trainer in Dalaran though who constantly reminds me that the price will get more expensive each time I change my mind. She must think I’m the most indecisive priest she has ever came across. Right about now I’m wishing that rumor of tri-spec was a reality.

Regularly using 3 specs means I have a great reason to come up with a 3rd outfit for my shadow spec so I’ll definitely have to keep myself heading off to ICC each week in the hope the purple shoulders drop so I can make the purple outfit I like so much but in the meantime I need something different. Luckily I picked up a few more pieces of the items that I was sharing between specs so making 3 distinct sets is a bit easier. I  thought I’d play around with making 3 sets based on the one dress model just in 3 different colour ways.


 dress holy 1 dress holy

Hero’s Circlet of Faith, Mantle of the Avatar, Gossamer Robe, Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves, Dawnspire Cord, Soft-soled Linen Boots, Spirit Chaser Staff.


dress disc dress disc 1

Replica Magisters Crown, Flarecore Mantle, Robe of Power, Gloves of the High Magus, Veteran’s Silk Belt, Fire Striders, Staff of the Blessed Seer.


dress shadow 1 dress shadow

Crown of Luminescence, Silver Thread Armice, Robes of Argul, Hands of Eternal Light, Exiled Dabler’s Cinch, Dark Runner Boots, Malygos’ Favor.

Now all I have to do is get enough gear to make 3 sets.


4 thoughts on “By night one way, by day another

    • Thanks Kam. I love this dress’s model and chosing the one for disc was actually hard as I think there are about 5 different colourways, I was tossing up between the red/gold dress and the black/white model because thats a mixture of the holy and shadow but I love red so the red/gold dress it was.
      I can see I’ll need to make a few changes to the outfits; the gloves for the shadow spec come from a really really rare pattern drop. But I’ll keep collecting pieces here and there and maybe by the time I have enough gear to make 3 distinct sets, I’ll have all the pieces.

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