The pitfalls of keeping the wrong armor type in your bags

I ran MV lfr the other day for valor. The older raids are so fast now and a great way to grab some valor and items for disenchanting. Along the way I picked up Shadowsummoner Spaulders.  So I spent some time playing in mogit and came up with a very casual cloth wearer set based on gear I already had stored in my bank.

gossamer 2

Shadowsummoner Spaulders, Tribal Vest, Bilgewhizzlers Armbands, Mystical Gloves, Apothecary’s Waistband, Gossamer Pants, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes.

However when I went to transmog into it the chest wouldn’t work and that’s when I discovered my cloth wearer had been carrying around a leather chest. No idea what she was thinking, normally she would have sent that straight off to a leather wearer but this time she hung onto it and I got all excited at the lovely redness of it. Turns out that trying to make the same set using a cloth version is really difficult as none of the reddish chests seem to match as well. These 3 sets below are the closest I can come up with but I’m not as happy with them.

The first set doesn’t really suit the shoulders. The chest is too orange in the second set. While the 3rd is my favourite of the three it the chest is too dark for the belt so I’ll probably use this set but look for another belt.   Oh well I’ve learnt my lesson about keeping the wrong armor type in my bag.

gossamer 4 gossamer 3 gossamer 1

  1. Flameheart Vest
  2. Crimson Silk Vest
  3. Aboriginal Vest, Brewer’s wristwraps, Aboriginal Gloves

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