A-Caroling We Will Go


I noticed this achievement under the Winter Veil list the other night. I’m not sure if it’s new or not but I haven’t ever done it before and of course once I saw it, it was the only thing I wanted to do. Sneaking around in Alliance cities is really fun.

I was on the priest when I saw it and she was really insistent that it be her that got to do the achievement. Not the druid or the mage who have stealth abilities but the priest who has no way to get around sneakily.

I started out by deciding to go to Ironforge.  I flew in the main gates and perched on a ledge and sang a festive song to the very unimpressed alliance there; in fact they ignored me. Not very exciting.

carols 6

I wanted to see if Horde could use the Deeprun Tram so I went to have a look. Apart from a low level npc who took offense to my presence I didn’t see anyone else so the priest got a ride on the tram. Something she hadn’t ever done before even when she was Alliance. There should be an achievement for that.

carols 2

At the Stormwind end I thought I got away safely but a hunter wasn’t too happy seeing me pop out of the tunnel and I tried to make a run for it through the Dwarven district but I didn’t get too far. Once I rezzed, (seriously why must I run all the way  from Eastvale logging camp. There should be a closer graveyard) I waited for the Darnassus boat.

carols 1That went off easily, I love that horde can use the teleport thing just up from the docks but the guards didn’t like that.

carols 3 Then back through the teleport and over to the Exodar and the priest got her achievement and the feeling of being very sneaky and spyish.

carols 4


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