Ancient Dalaran Portal

My mage is one happy little spell caster now and she has Matty to thank for it. I was reading Matty’s blog yesterday and she had linked a video that showed how mages could learn a teleport spell that would send them to where Dalaran used to be in Hillsbrad Foothills. You get the tome from the bookshelf in the room where the final boss is.

My mage immediately wanted to go try this out and luckily it can be done on normal mode as  you need to kill the final boss before he sets his bookshelves alight and on  normal that meant there was no chance of him living long enough to cast that spell.

ancient dalaran 4

Once you get the tome you can then go the vendor in Dalaran (in the reagents building) and she will sell you the corresponding portal spell.

ancient dalaran 3

And faster than  you can say “hey presto”, my mage learnt the spell and teleported off to the location of Old Dalaran, which is now a thumping great hole in the ground since the Kirin Tor sent Dalaran up to Northrend. Just remember to slow fall yourself or any portee’s to avoid the sudden drop at the end.

ancient dalaran 5

This is handy for my horde mage as it saves me having to negotiate my way out of Undercity if I want to head up that way  but would be invaluable for Alliance mages since it gives them a teleport to the north end of Eastern Kingdoms.

ancient dalaran 1


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