The best thing about Seige of Orgrimmar

Is that it finally meant,  after months of avoiding Orgrimmar at all costs because of its very maze like layout, I learnt my way around Orgrimmar. I know instantly where the bank is now because that’s where the Treasurer that likes to mind control people is in the raid and I know where the reforger is because I run past it multiple times a week on my way to the entrance to the underground tunnel to Wailing Caverns where Nazgrim is waiting to throw axes at me. Before having to spend time in Orgrimmar each week I had no idea of how to navigate my way around the place. Seriously setting a raid in the middle of one of the biggest capital cities was the best idea.

This not liking big cities is nothing new to me though. As my first toon was an Alliance human it meant I came across Stormwind pretty quickly in the game and it scared the heck out of my tiny mage. There were too many streets and too many shops, too many wrong ways to go and most importantly; too many people.

Once she learnt about Ironforge she was much happier and Ironforge became her home. I know Ironforge is huge  but you only really need to go the one section and you have bank, inn, auction house and repairs all in the one place and apart from at Winter Veil time, it’s practically deserted.

 My toon stayed attached to Ironforge until she was sent to Northrend and instantly fell in love with Dalaran. In Dalaran everything was so close, bank, auction house, vendors and in a beautiful city setting as well.

I wonder if there had been a raid set back in Stormwind if I would have learnt my way around much much faster and not lived in the smaller capitals like Ironforge and Dalaran.


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