Wow Resolutions

In response to Navi and Wow community blog topic I thought I’d think about my new year resolutions for wow and what I’d really like to get through this year.

1. Level the remaining 3 classes to 90. My Dk, Warrior and Rogue haven’t moved in months and I would like to have them at 90, just so I know what those classes can do.

2. Learn to play the offspec of my druid and priest. I feel a bit bad in raids saying I don’t have a decent offspec, it’s not really that viable that I can’t change if needed and certainly would limit the possibility of sitting out if I can play a dps spec.

3. Celestial Tournament. I would really like to do this pet achievement. I’ve put off going over there since a disastrous attempt in the first week it came out. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need more level 25 pets to do it, well more 25 of the right types of pets.

4. Insane title. This is a title I really would like and I know it’s going to take a lot of grinding to do it. I’ll do it on my mage since she already has most of the reps needed. I’m pretty sure this will be easier if I have a rogue as I think some of the rep comes from lockboxes or something that rogues open.. hmm my vagueness on this point shows just how much research I’ve done into how to get this achievement.

Well anyway,  those are my resolutions. Most of them are long-term goals for the year and given this will most likely also the year Warlords comes out I’ll have to work hard at some of them. Let’s see how this list looks on the 1/1/2015.


3 thoughts on “Wow Resolutions

  1. The Celestial Tournament is on my list of things to do too. I haven’t made an attempt since the beta and I massively failed. I keep saying that I’ll level a few more pets then give it a go. But I MUST do it pre-WoD or it’ll never get done.

    • 🙂 good luck. I even went over there to have a go after writing this post. I think I lasted 5 mins before I hearthed out. I have no persistance in this particular instance. I am relying on the “oh I don’t have the right pets” excuse. Boy am I going to be proud of me if I keep this particular resolution.

  2. I have some of the same desires, but I highly doubt I will actually achieve much of anything this year.

    I started a new RaF and the goal is one of every class both factions 🙂

    Also using it to play specs I have never really played.

    I’ve had a hard time being interested in the tournament as I find leveling pets to be much more boring to me then out hunting them. Not sure why.

    It’s too bad we can’t see each other in the world or we could work on a lot of the Insane together.

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