The weird and wonderful ways you can get stuck in Seige of Orgrimmar

It’s a running joke that I shouldn’t be allowed to go up the tower on the Galakras fight because of my clumsiness and edges, even though I don’t fall off now and haven’t in ages. But it’s stuck, actually I’m still living down the lei-shen incident so I shouldn’t really be too surprised.

But despite knowing that about me, my raid team still seems surprised by what I canget up to  in raids, lately I’ve managed to find a number of places to get stuck in. There are a few places on the Shaman’s fight where  a druid, with reckless use of displacer beast, can end up in a bit of trouble. My raid team have heard me mention a few times on this fight that apparently I’m stuck. I’m sure they think I make it up. After all hearing your healer say she’s stuck under a staircase and can’t get out is enough to make anyone doubt the sanity of the said stuck person.

So in the interests of public safety in that fight I thought I’d mention a few places to be wary of when using your displacer beast talent.

1. The staircase under the Inn.

The tank was kiting the boss around and in order to escape the oozes that spawned I turned and displacer’d in what I thought was a safe direction. Only to end up jammed under the stairs unable to move forward or backwards. Unfortunately the only way I found out was to die as we wiped due to me not being able to heal anyone with line of sight issues and probably a lot of confusion as people tried to understand what the hell I meant by “I’m under the stairs, and no I can’t just back out”.

2. The top of the hill.

The second place you can get into trouble with displacer beast is up the top where we tank the 2nd boss. I don’t normally get to go up there but the first time I did, I was nicely stacking the tombstones that drop when I decided for whatever reason  I needed to blink away from some trouble, which I did, only  to find myself somehow through the wooden wall and outside of the fight on the reforger’s side of the wall. Effectively out of the fight but I still had tombstones dropping on me.  wrong side of the raid

I found after coming back up the top to have a look at what I had done that there is a small gap under the block of stone next to the wooden gate. You can’t physically walk your toon through it but you can displacer beast (mage’s can blink though it) and back again. We wanted to try to see if a warrior’s intervene would work but never got around to trying it out.

According to a few of my fellow raiders I should be bug testing for blizzard and I think it’s a great idea. If there’s somewhere to get stuck I can find it.

Anyone else come across some strange things in the raid?



8 thoughts on “The weird and wonderful ways you can get stuck in Seige of Orgrimmar

  1. I can’t say I’ve been stuck like that but I do remember being a tauren skewer in Mana Tombs once (in the room with the escort). All I could do was swivel around. Can’t remember how I did it but my friends thought it was funny.

  2. GOD YES we had some great moments on Iron Juggernaut Heroic where our Disc Priests managed to vanish through the floor. Called out for a Power Word Barrier only to hear “i’m inside the earth…”

  3. During the [insert proper name here] big shock pulse dude which throws you back, you stand by the fence so it doesn’t push you too far back, right? WRONG! EVERY single time I get pushed through the fence and out the fight. Every single goddamn time!

  4. Aww Z I have to admit that I giggled while I read this post. Mostly because when I’m on my mage I get stuck int he weirdest places. Though thankfully not in raids. (Though I also have had that issue where I’ve gone straight through the fence on the Iron Juggernaut fight!)

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