Your first day playing Wow; 20 days of blogging

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

I resisted buying wow for ages.  At my old workplace ages ago there were so many people who played it but every time they’d mention subscription fee or online multiplayer I’d back right off and just not be interested. I played a ton of games but all of them single player and not online but one day I was bored with every game I had and the battlechest was on sale along with a free month’s playtime so I figured if I hated it, I’d only be down $20 and I wasn’t paying a subscription straight away.

I made a human because all the other races looked funny to me then; horde just looked like monsters (I would probably have had a completely different outlook if I actually installed the BC disc and got to see blood elfs from the start), and of the alliance races I didn’t want to be some short chubby dwarf, night elfs had odd-shaped ears and gnomes were well tiny (boy have I changed in my outlook – now I have almost every race (still not Dwarfs though). I always played a caster in pretty much every game I played so a mage was the natural choice.

I think it probably took all of 5mins to be hooked by the game itself; running around in Elwynn Forest now really doesn’t have a great deal of appeal but back then it was amazing. The quest that took me to Stormwind was scary; there were so many other people there with blue name tags over their heads, omg real people! I stayed away from cities for ages after that, other people in my game? No thank you.

I wish I could get that sense of amazement from the first days back and in a lot of things it’s still there, I love seeing the npcs and the many varied zones are so beautiful and there is still a million little things I find that I didn’t know or have forgotten but it’s not the same as the first day sitting there moving my little mage around asking out loud “why haven’t I been playing this before?”.


12 thoughts on “Your first day playing Wow; 20 days of blogging

  1. It was a magical time! I played a Belf first, and Sunstrider Isle was just.. oh so beautiful…. compared to Runescape graphics I was just in love! Hahaha. I was hooked after that… and nothing I play or have gone off to do has ever made me change my mind. I have bought Aion, Rift, FFXIV, SWTOR.. nothing kept me subscribed for long, and quite a few of these are now free to play. 😛

    • Oh I’m hearing you about the belf starter area. I so wish I had installed BC when I first started because I’m pretty sure I would have made a belf. A ton of belf alts later and Sunstrider Isle hasn’t lost any of it’s prettiness.
      I’m the same, I have GW2, sw:tor, rift and while they are great games, I always come back to wow.

  2. I miss the days of being a complete noob and getting lost in the starting zone because they felt so huge. But you’re right, this game is so big that there is always something new to find or learn to keep it fresh 🙂

  3. I remember my first character .. it was a night elf ..although I can’t remember what class now. I do remember wandering off the beaten path fairly early on and attracting the attention of some wandering mobs … nearly dying and running away. I panicked so much that i actually ran straight off a cliff and died anyway. Managed to find my body again, but then realised i was in the middle of the sea, with a massive cliff in front of me and no way up … I swam around for what seemed ages, couldn’t work out how to get out, so ended up abandoning the character!

      • It’s something I laugh about now .. in fact that seems to have set the tone for the majority of my WoW life .. getting lost and falling off stuff … I’m just more practiced at knowing what to do after :p

  4. I remember after I was given the game I kept buying game cards as I didn’t want to make a commitment with a sub, I thought I’d only play a few months. My non-gaming husband is the one who told me to stop being ridiculous and just subscribe, lol. My first character was a Night Elf Hunter, she’s semi-tired now but still picks flowers now and then.

    • I was the same with the game cards; I used them for a number of months until I got sick and tired of having to remember to go to the shops. I think the 2nd time I tried to log on and realised I had no time left saw me jump on the website and subscribe.

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  6. I started the game after months of co-workers harassing me to play it with them. I kept saying no because I knew I’d get addicted. They quit during Vanilla, and proceeded to make fun of how addicted I became.

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