This is why you need transmog

this is why you need transmog

My priest that I’m levelling to cap for herald of the titans finally reached 60 and is questing in Outland. I like most of the Outland armor quest rewards but when combined together they make for a pretty garish outfit.

My priest isn’t wearing heirlooms so is relying on quest upgrades but this outfit is almost enough to make me want to go transmog green items.


9 thoughts on “This is why you need transmog

    • That’s true but I get a bit bored of northrend gear, it’s all the same patterns just in different colours. I do like outland gear; one day I’ll have to try to do all the quests on all my toons because there are some pretty great sets but the peices are spread thoughtout quests in all different zones.

        • I agree, that’s so silly.
          The reason my priest is in them is because she hasn’t come across any drops and I’m not about to put her in lower gear just because of a false sense of virtual modesty, having said that though.. I’ll be happier when she gets a dress or new pair of leg amor 😛

  1. You should have seen feral druids in Vanilla. You could have the top gear in the game for a feral and you still looked like a clown suit because matching sets were only for healing. All the other classes stood out in Ironforge because they had the cool matching sets from raids. I looked like I was in greens and had just hit 60.

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