Your best WoW memory; 20 days of blogging

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

This one I had to sit down and think about. I have lots of things that jump to mind when I think about wow; the first time I went into a raid with my guild where I had no idea what happening but I trailed along in their wake (I was 65, they were 80 and were running SSC for fun) or the time I first realised that there were actually not that many limits in the game, if I wanted to walk from one end of the continent to the other the game would let me; I might die but if I can dream it up, I can probably do it in-game.

But the one that stands out in my mind most is probably the day I tanked my first ever dgn on my dk. I’m certainly not a real  tank with a tanky mindset and my dk isn’t even at max level but tanking stands out in my mind as something like the final frontier in wow.  I’m always admiring tanks who can come into dgns and raids and seamlessly make it work. Knowing when to pop your defensives, how to  move the boss, when to swap with your tanking partner seems like magic when it works and is so noticeable when it doesn’t.

I’ve got a really long way to go on my dk, not only knowing all her abilities inside out but knowing the fights inside out but for me going into that dgn with the other 4 players following along behind (amazing that it happened that way! now they just run ahead by themselves and I chase after hoping to save them from certain boss aggro deaths) that was a pretty cool memory.

dark legacy


4 thoughts on “Your best WoW memory; 20 days of blogging

  1. Hahaha I remember this comic, love it! I can be dps, heals or tank and still feel them same feels he does about idiot dps. 😛 Well idiot everyone, can’t say I’ve been saved from some form of an idiot in dps, heals or tank roles!

  2. I think both healers and tanks have thankless jobs a lot of the times. I’ve noticed lately though that a lot of healers in leveling dungeons have become more annoying because they overgear the content so much. Constantly wanting you to pull EVERYTHING, or my favorite of just pulling random mobs constantly for you. I had a healer priest in a dungeon the other day that kept giving himself a speed boost and running ahead and pulling stuff. He kept complaining that I was too slow of a tank yet he never gave me speed bubble only himself and he would always leave the pull before anything was dead and go on to pull more. I finally decided if he wanted to pull everything he could tank it too, so I just did the quests and tanked when I caught up to everyone. I would taunt off the dps, but not the healer. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to quit tanking because I was so terrible at it.

    • Oh boy, that would have been horrible. Luckily on the dk I havn’t come across that but i’ve seen it happen so much at lower levels. Give some people enchanted heirlooms and I think they start to forget that some people in their might be on their very first toon. I was in razerfen kraul (i think , it was a low lvl watery maze type one) and the shaman healer did exactly what you said your healer was doing and then went off on its own direction and refused to come back because the tank was clearing in a different order to what they wanted. So they stood at the far end of the dgn the whole time and just waited. Hate coming across ppl like that.

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