Your workplace/desk; 20 days of blogging

Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)


I’m always making notes  so my desk normally looks like a paper factory blew up on it and then I tidy it up (aka throw away all the paper scraps that have my scribbling on it)  and it starts all over again.



6 thoughts on “Your workplace/desk; 20 days of blogging

    • 🙂 tbh I did tidy it up for the photo but I can’t stand it when there’s too much clutter on my desk so I try to keep it like this but the paper does creep up a bit.

  1. I have issues controlling scraps of paper covered in notes too! I write stuff down so I don’t forget and it totally helps but I then forget to throw the reminder note away once it’s no longer needed. It’s a viscous circle really.

  2. The other problem of course, with bits of paper (because I do the same!), is that you end up with so much clutter, you can’t find them anyway…! I did try to get organised once and write things i thought I would need for some time in a notepad .. but then one day it became my grocery list notepad, then it got moved around the house and got lost … and by the time I’d found it again, I’d forgotten what most of the notes meant!

    • Oh yes, I know this one. It happens way to often. I thought I’d learn from this and buy a notebook or rather two or three :p, now I cant find where or what notebook I wrote the notes on 🙂

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